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Smart accessories for your Quatro Multi Station Fume Extractors, Dust Collectors

Auto Start Slide Valves

Divert airflow from idle workstations to active ones – Switch dust collector, fume extractor filtration system on/off remotely


· Get more air at your active workstation by diverting it from idle ones
· Start/stop your unit remotely from each workstation
· Connect as many ASVs as needed to one dust collector
· Dust collector will continue to operate as long as one valve is open
· Multiple front/rear collar diameters*: 1.5”, 2″, 2.5″or 3″
· Two series available*: basic (AA413) and with stand (AA433)
INCLUDED: 25’ remote cable
· Table/Stand Support Bracket for
AA413 series (#AA423) · 10’ remote cable
· Clamp or bolt ASVs directly to workbench

Dust Collectors – Fume Extractors AutoStart Valves Ready


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