Reducing, Removing, Photocopier, Laser Printer Odors

Do odors from your photocopier, photo copy machine, or laser printer bother you or others who work in its vicinity?

Multi-stage Air Filtration Systems

You can provide some relief by using an air filtration system, air cleaner with a filter configuration that doesn’t just address airborne particulates but chemical gases, fumes, and odors as well.

You can go with a portable air filtration system, air purifier, that has a source capture hose or capture arm positioned near the exhaust of the machine or a stand alone room recirculating unit.

You want have an air cleaner that has a particulate pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an Activated Carbon Odor Filter.

Stand alone recirculating room air purifier, air cleaner
Source Capture Flex Hose with Capture Cone

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