Capturing and filtering chemical odors, gases

You will need an air filtration system with a source capture arm, a deep bed chemical odor filter, 8 inches, 15 inches or more in depth, possibly a HEPA filter (for removing smoke haze), a unit powered by a high speed, high pressure motor blower to overcome the static pressure of pulling contaminated air quickly from the source and through a mutli-stage filtration (that includes a deep bed chemical, odor, gas filter).

Our Fume Extractors can help you clean the air in your workshop.

For example, our CSA 600 series comes with these neat features:


  • Multi-stage filtration system: filter bag (or high capacity pleated filter), medical grade HEPA and chemical filter

    CSA-600 - Heavy Duty Dust & Odor Removal

    The CSA is the workhorse fume extractor of the laser industry; designed to operate in a heavy duty environment. A large pre-filter bag that is easily accessed to change via a convenient side panel eliminates much of the debris that might otherwise clog the more expensive HEPA filters. A huge chemical bed of 66Lb. (30kg) provides significant odor and VOC protection for much longer than the light duty units again providing a solution that can withstand a heavy workload. Chemical compounds can be customized based on specific applications With large collection bag, HEPA Filter & Deepbed Odor filters LaserBlue Gel seal guarantees NO BYPASS Dual hi-speed turbine for high suction, pressure & airflow Whisper quiet operation is office friendly Universal design allows for 2.5″, 3″, 4″ inlet along with discharge

  • Refillable, 15” deep chemical filter module, up to 66 lbs. (30kg)
  • LaserBlue gel seal guarantees ZERO FILTER BYPASS
  • Dual high speed turbine for high suction, pressure and airflow
  • Office friendly, whisper quiet operation
  • Digital control panel
  • Enhanced mobility with heavy duty lockable casters

Check out the specs on our CSA600 series fume extractor:

  • Air Flow: 0-480 m³/h / 0-282 CFM
  • Max Pressure: 90″ W.C. / 22 kPa
  • Motor(s): 2 X 1.0 kW High Speed Turbine
  • Voltage: 120V or 230V
  • Dimensions: 13″W x 21″D x 45″H / 330mm x 533mm x 1143mm
  • Filter Sequence: Antimicrobial high capacity bag filter (F128), 6″ Pleated filter, 60% ASHRAE rated (F073), 2” Medical grade HEPA Filter 99.97% (F074), 15“ Chemical filter (AG111)
  • Optional lnlets: 1.5”, 2”, 3” or 4″ diameter
  • Discharge: Recirculation grille (Standard configuration);
  • Optional 3″ or 4″ side discharge collars for venting to the exterior
  • Sound Level: 52 dBA at full speed
  • Controls: Remote ON/OFF, communication capabilities, audible and visual alarms
  • Suction hose: 6 feet (2m) of heavy duty hose and clamps

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