Smart accessories for your Quatro Multi Station Fume Extractors, Dust Collectors

Auto Start Slide Valves

Divert airflow from idle workstations to active ones – Switch dust collector, fume extractor filtration system on/off remotely


· Get more air at your active workstation by diverting it from idle ones
· Start/stop your unit remotely from each workstation
· Connect as many ASVs as needed to one dust collector
· Dust collector will continue to operate as long as one valve is open
· Multiple front/rear collar diameters*: 1.5”, 2″, 2.5″or 3″
· Two series available*: basic (AA413) and with stand (AA433)
INCLUDED: 25’ remote cable
· Table/Stand Support Bracket for
AA413 series (#AA423) · 10’ remote cable
· Clamp or bolt ASVs directly to workbench

Dust Collectors – Fume Extractors AutoStart Valves Ready


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Laser fume extractor, marking on steel, smells quite bad

I have a machine from China. No brand. We’re marking on steel and it smells quite bad

Hello Lito
I have a machine from China. No brand. We’re marking on steel and it smells quite bad. Marking about 3 hours a day but fumes collect very quickly.
The marking table dimensions is 20″ X 16″ area.  We usually mark on the entire surface.  It’s steel coated.
I need something that has 2 heads for suction with adjustable pipe.
Please send me some options .  I prefer stronger just in case.
Chief Engineer

Here’s what we recommended:


Our most popular model for light and medium duty applications, the SPH426 fume
extractor uses a multi-stage filtration system containing pre-filter, HEPA and chemical
filters (up to 50 lbs / 23 kg of chemical filtration media) and the LaserBlue gel seal which

I believe the SPH426 with dual intake and two unit mounted flex arm would do the job.

SPH426 Brushed type motor fume extractor with dual intake,  and two unit mounted flex arms.

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Quatro Air SPL400-3D



  • Light duty fume extractor for Laser engraving, marking, and AM applications (3D Printing)
  • Low-profile, space saving design
  • Multiple filter arrangement allows for disposable bag, HEPA cartridge and gas phase filter
  • Built in whisper quiet features
  • Custom chemical filters can be incorporated to deal with specific gas phase contaminants
  • Optional digital control panel

PDF spec sheet / pricing :

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Meet Our Desktop Containment System or Simply DCS



Desktop Containment System, or simply DCS – ideal for single station filtration of solder fumes (#soldering #solderfumes #fumeextractor #fumeextraction )

Protects operators from harmful chemicals, vapors and particulates

Protects operators from harmful chemicals, vapors and particulates, Illuminated interior provides a clear and bright work environment, Quiet operation, digital control panel with audible and visual alarms, Standard filter sequence: pre-filter, chemical filter and HEPA filter, Custom filter sequences available for custom applications, Adjustable hinged acrylic front door allows for great visibility.

| More on the Desktop Containment System- DCS single station solder fume filtration |

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Up to 8 soldering stations can be filtered using a single QUATRO SPH-426 high pressure filter system

Up to 8 soldering stations can be filtered using a single Quatro SPH-426 high pressure filter system.

Systems comes complete with patent pending Laser Blue Gel Seal ensuring zero by-pass for any toxic fumes.

Each system comes complete with initial set of filters including a 30% ASHRAE rated pre-filter, 99.97% certified medical grade HEPA filter, and an 8 inch deep bed chemical filter.

The microprocessor control panel is complete with visual and audible alarms, digital speed control, the ability to be interlocked for remote on/off, auto flow adjusts speed of blowers as filters get dirty.

Available accessories include snap together ducting / piping, industrial heavy duty hose, and table mounted extraction arms with damper control and various nozzle attachments.

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SPH800 with 10 Soldering Stations

SPH800 with 10 Soldering Stations

  • Cost-effective high pressure system
  • LaserBlue gel seal guarantees ZERO FILTER BYPASS
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Enhanced mobility with heavy duty lockable casters
  • Powered by 3 high-speed turbines (CSA/UL approved)
  • Digital control panel
  • Up to 100 lbs. (45 kg) of chemical filtration media
  • Also available: brushless units and custom filter configuration

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Quatro Air Technologies MULTI-USER SOLDER FUME EXTRACTOR Model # SPM504

Multi-station soldering fume extractor configuration with optional capture arms

Multi-station, multi-user, soldering fume extractor system – up to four (4) users

  • Ideal for up to 4 workstations
  • Medium pressure motorized brushless impeller
  • Enhanced mobility with heavy duty lockable casters
  • Multi-stage filtration system: pre-filter, HEPA and chemical filter
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Optional digital control panel

Multi-station configuration with optional capture arms: AA006 (unit mount) and AA062 (table mount) – see above photo.

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