Central Air, Whole House, Air Filtration System connects easily to any ducted central furnace system to filter the air in the entire home

Compact system easily connects to any ducted central air / furnace system to filter the air in the entire homepasted20image20540x474273x240
Medical grade HEPA filters, filters down to .3 micron, 99.97% efficiency
Central series air filtration system comes with all necessary hardware kit for simple installation
Includes two 4” diameter collar plates to attach to the duct work (clean air return) and 12 feet of flexible hose
Ozone free system, captures 99.97% down to .3 micron, particulates – dust, virus, dander, smoke, pollen, hair, etc.
Powerful backward inclined motor with low amperage draw


Comes standard with 4” diameter hose collars, air intake and clean air discharge side

700 CFM free flow
Audible and visual LED alarms provide feedback
Easy to service and replace filters
Ability to customize filters configuration to meet specific needs / applications
Ability to customize filters for people who suffer from multiple chemical sensitivity
5 year fan warranty (parts and labor)
Digital controls
Speed controls
Audible alarms
Visual alarms
Filters to mix and match and configure your system to your specific needs

This configuration could also be used in applications for recirculating air, installed inside a closet or adjoining room, when the air filtration system needs to be unseen or out of sight.

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Effective solution to wide range of airborne chemicals and odors

exhaust gases, paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment, glues, adhesives, disinfectants, and many more

Yes, we’re glad to say we can be of help to you. Our BP PRO Series could be of help to you.


BP2000 Series Air Filtration System

  • Effective solution to wide range of airborne chemicals and odors: exhaust gases, paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment, glues, adhesives, disinfectants, and many more.
  • Reduce gas phase contaminants to below OSHA’s TLV levels.
  • Built to meet the regulations for ventilation rates for spaces up to 1200 square feet, the BP2000 is equipped with a high quality blower motor which guarantee a very high volumetric flow rate.
  • Highly customizable, capable to eliminate a huge variety of pollutants.
  • By using various combinations of filters and 26 different chemical filtration media, the BP2000 is the air filtration system of choice against high concentrations of aldehydes, alcohols, acids, VOCs, fluorinated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alkenes and alkanes, acetates and many other chemical groups.
  • Specifications:
    Dimensions: 71″H x 24″W x 26″D, 350 lbs
    Airflow (CFM): 1000 nominal, adjustable intake grills
    HEPA filter: 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 micron; available in certain configuration
    Chemical filter: up to 200 lbs; 26 blends available
    UV Light: Available in certain configurations
    Power: 120V, 60 Hz, 4A (240V available)
    Sound levels: < 54dbA at low speed
    Cabinet: Heavy gauge welded steel
    Options: high air flow configurations; collars for ducting

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Do you need an air purifier, air cleaner at home, at the office?

People ask themselves why they should be concerned about the IAQ (indoor air quality) in their home and / or office?

Many think that pollution is only outside. Wrong, it’s the complete opposite. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a serious concern because buildings and homes are becoming increasingly more sealed to reduce energy consumption. Recent studies have shown that indoor pollution is up to 5x higher than outdoor pollution and we spend 90% of our time indoors. The World Health Organization has even listed indoor pollution as one of the most dangerous threats to our health.

There are airborne particulates as well as chemical gases off-gasing from various materials found indoors.

For example, Benzene, used in plastics, rubber, detergents, tobacco smoke, furniture wax and paint. Formaldehyde, can be found in paper bags, facial tissues, paper towels, table napkins and synthetic fibers. Ammonia, found in window cleaners, floor waxes and fertilizers.

BreathEasy Home Office Small Commercial Spaces Series

HEPA (airborne dust &  particulates)+ Activated Carbon Chemical Filter (chemical gases, odors)

  • Compact portable system for people who suffer with Allergen super sensitivity
  • Ozone free system, with 99.97% sub micron dust removal


  • Powerful backward inclined motorized impeller provides high room air changes
  • High efficiency motor with low amperage draw
  • Digital variable speed control allows for whisper quiet night time operation
  • Airflow: 700 CFM free air, Operating range: 60 – 500 CFM
  • Whisper quiet operation bedtime operation, 42 dBA at low speed
  • Audible and visual LED alarms provide feedback
  • Microprocessor AUTOFLOW feature speeds up fan automatically as filters get dirty to maintain airflow
  • Easy serviceability and filter changing
  • Ability to customize filter sequence to meet specific needs
  • Ability to customize filters for people suffering from a specific and/or unique Chemical sensitivity

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Passive Activated Carbon Filter Modules

For odor control, odor removal, odor reduction applications, we offer passive carbon filter modules.

Capture-PF400-PF800Our PF800S-CM (carbon module) contains approximately 120 pounds of chemical odor filter media (activated carbon). We can also offer custom blends to fit your needs. The PF800S-CM comes standard with a 6″ diameter hose collar.

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Heavy odor control air filtration system

BreathEasy Pro Series – Industrial Grade Air Purifier, Air Filtration Systems for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Pro Series air filtration system high dust chemical odor removal ducting recirculating capabilities compact portable

Part / Model No. BP-603 BP-1004 BP-2002
H x W x L (lbs) 37 x 16 x 22
135 lbs
52 x 16 x 22
200 lbs
71 x 24 x 26
350 lbs
2″ Pleated pre-filter (F007) x 2x
2″ Pleated pre-filter (F001) 2x
6″ Hi capacity filter (F016)
12″ Hi capacity filter (F015)
12″ Hi capacity filter (F014)
2″ HEPA filter (F022) x
6″ HEPA filter (F057)
12″ HEPA filter (F006)
12″ HEPA filter (F002)
2″ Activated carbon filter (F033-GPC)
12″ Activated carbon filter (F003-GPC) x 2x 2x

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Laser cutting | Sticky Smoke | Premature clogging

Sticky smoke

is what we sometimes call the by-product when cutting or engraving on resinous materials such as acrylic, wood, materials with adhesive backing, etc. They consume filters sooner rather than later🙂

Here’s where our Pre-filter modules that can be added on our Laser Fume Extractors or ordered as a stand-alone to complement your existing laser fume extractor / air filtration system.

Designed to enhance the performance of the SPH800/SPH400 air purifiers, the PF800/PF400 passive pre-filter modules capture larger dust and particles protecting the air purifier’s HEPA and/or carbon filter.


Who needs it?

Customers that have heavy dust loadings will appreciate this pre-filter section since it will prolong the life of the primary filters inside the SPH800/SPH400 extractors, reducing the maintenance costs.

What’s inside?

The PF800/PF400 modules contain three (PF800) or two (PF400) high-capacity antimicrobial, multilayered, dust filter bags that can capture a significant amount of dust and particulate matter before it reaches the primary filters of the SPH800/SPH400 units.

How easy is it to change the filters?

Whether you have a standalone or add-on module filter bags are accessed in the same manner. Remove inlet cover, quarter turn 4 locking mechanisms and remove the section to replace bags. Designed to be clean simple and effective. Dust is contained in the bags to
minimize the mess and exposure of personnel to potentially harmful dust.

How can I use it?

The PF800/PF400 passive pre-filters can be used either as add-on modules to an SPH800/SPH400 air purifier or as standalone mobile units. The standalone modules, can be used with virtually any existing filtration system. The inlet and discharge collars can accommodate many different arrangements to suit the application. Single or dual 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” or 4” diameter collars are available as standard options. Custom diameters are
available upon request.

Dimensions: H x W x D

PF800: 30 x 16 x 25 (in) / 76 x 40 x 64 (cm)
PF400: 24 x 12 x 15 (in)  / 76 x 30 x 38 (cm)

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Reducing, Removing, Photocopier, Laser Printer Odors

Do odors from your photocopier, photo copy machine, or laser printer bother you or others who work in its vicinity?

Multi-stage Air Filtration Systems

You can provide some relief by using an air filtration system, air cleaner with a filter configuration that doesn’t just address airborne particulates but chemical gases, fumes, and odors as well.

You can go with a portable air filtration system, air purifier, that has a source capture hose or capture arm positioned near the exhaust of the machine or a stand alone room recirculating unit.

You want have an air cleaner that has a particulate pre-filter, a HEPA filter, and an Activated Carbon Odor Filter.

Stand alone recirculating room air purifier, air cleaner
Source Capture Flex Hose with Capture Cone

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