IVF | InVitro Fertilization Air Filtration Systems


Key factor in creating an optimal environment for embryo culture
The presence of air contaminants in the laboratory, procedure rooms, and working environment has detrimental effects on pregnancy rates
Sources: cleaning agents, plasticware, media, liquids, furnishings, equipment, personnel and common air pollution.
Contaminants: styrene, acetone, benzene, toluene, octane, n-Decane, freon, acetaldehyde, nonane, methylcyclohexane, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, hexachlorocyclohexane, lead, carbon.


HEPA and Activated Carbon Filtration BreathEasy PRO Series | Multi-Stage Air Filtration System

The ideal combination of HEPA and customized chemical filters.

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Construction Mold Remediation Fire Water Damage Restoration Renovation Dust Odor Removal

CONTRACTAIR Air Filtration System Air Scrubber

For Construction Mold Remediation Fire Water Damage Restoration Renovation Dust Odor Removal and Diverse Applications

Compact, lightweight, versatile, multi-purpose portable air scrubbers, air filtration systems for advanced protection against dust, fine dust particulates, and chemical pollutants (chemical fumes, gases, odors). Highly efficient air filtration systems, air scrubbers designed to help remove dangerous, health threatening airborne contaminants, reduce the health risks in the workplace as well as protect sensitive equipment.


  • Standard inlet and discharge grills for recirculation modes
  • Compression clamps provide quick and easy filter access
  • Compression gasket for filter access panels guarantee proper sealing
  • Corrosion resistant and maintenance free motorized impeller
  • Energy efficient and whisper quiet operation, less than 62 dBA
  • Standard filter sequence: 2″ MERV 8 pre-filter and 12″ HEPA filter
  • Nominal airflow: 1500 CFM with standard filter sequence (Free air 2000 CFM)

Available Options:

  • 2″ or 12″ deep chemical filter, up to 100 lbs, 26 custom blends available
  • 12″ deep MERV 14 filter
  • 12″ deep ULPA filter
  • 2″ deep HEPA filter
  • 8″, 10″, 12″, and 14″ diamter duct collars
  • UV Lights
  • Heavy duty casters and lifting handles make the unit easy to maneuver and move around
  • Unit mounted pressure gauge to monitor filter condition
  • Control panel with variable speed control, circuit breaker, on/off switch
  • Adjustable legs for floor mounting, 2 – 17″ (5 – 43 cm)
  • Ceiling mount kit
  • Custom remote controls

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Table Top Laser Engraver Cutter Fume Odor Extractor Air Filtration

Laser and Laser Marking

LASERPURE Series – Table Top Filtration Station

  • Our new table-top design allows for Lasers whose feet up to 24″ (615mm) wide to be placed on top and exhausted via the rear to the LaserPure
  • We incorporate a pre filter section and a HEPA filter as well as an 8″ (203mm) deep chemical filter to eliminate odor and VOCs
  • The entire system is designed to be easily accessed from the front and is unique in that it incorporates our LaserBlue Gel seal that guarantees NO BYPASS of fumes
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Call us for help in choosing the right Laser Cutter, Laser Engraver Fume, Odor, Extractor / Air Filtration System for your needs.

Printing Graphics Print Shop Room Dust Odor Air Filtration

Quatro Air has specialized in the print industry for the past 19 years and provides numerous printer manufacturers with an OEM solution adapted to their needs. We provide 4 different types of systems to the printer marketplace

About Air Filtration Systems for the Printing Industry from Quatro Air Technologies

Quatro Air has specialized in the print industry for the past 19 years and provides numerous printer manufacturers with an OEM solution adapted to their needs. We provide 4 different types of systems to the printer marketplace:

  • The first type of system provides humidity control for the print environment.
  • The second type of system is our Fresh Air series which can provide air recirculation for both dust control (Hepa filters capture 99.97 % of particles as small as 0.3 micron) as well as VOC and odor control.  As most large format printers are aware, off-gassing from the print material doesn’t stop the instant that the material has printed.  As one of our first products 19 years ago Quatro Air has shipped Fresh Air purifiers to thousands of print houses around the world.
  • The third type of equipment is used in ablative processes such as CTP; the AF400, AF800 and the CSA can be used in these applications; talk to our experts to see which solution best fits your application.
  • The fourth type of system provides dust free positive or negative pressure environments for specific print applications as well as new innovative technology geared towards odor removal.  We offer some standard units with a combination of easily replaceable pre-filter sections, true HEPA filters and activated carbon for VOC and odor elimination.  For customers who produce a lot of particulate material we have a number of solutions with large, easy to replace dust bags that can capture a tremendous amount of particulate without reducing the effectiveness of the system.

All of our systems are UL/CSA/CE certified and are available in 110V or 230V versions for shipping internationally.  Call us today about your printing application, no one has more experience in the print industry when it comes to clean, odor-free air.

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