BP2000 Laser Fumes Extractor For Heavy Duty Applications

BP2000 Laser Fumes Extractor For Heavy Duty Applications

BP2000 Laser Fumes Extractor – Air Filtration System

2 x 2″ Pleated Pre-Filter (F001)
12″ HEPA Filter (F002)
12″ Activated Carbon filter (F003-GPC)

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Office Dust and Odor – Adjacent Grain Elevator

Concerns about reducing, if not removing completely, airborne dust particles and odors in an office adjacent to a grain elevator

BreathEasy BP PRO Series Air Filtration Systems

Deployment of our BP PRO Series stand-alone recirculating air filtration systems / air cleaners can help make a difference.

Consider a filter configuration for dust and light odor – this normally comes with particulate filters, including a HEPA filter, and a chemical filter for the odor, usually an activated carbon filter.

Depending on the size of the room or the desired number of ACH (air changes per hour) using one or multiple units can improve your office indoor air quality, making for a more enjoyable and healthy work environment.

Check out the multi-purpose and versatile BreathEasy BP PRO series

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