Printing Graphics Print Shop Room Dust Odor Air Filtration

Printing Graphics Print Shop Room Dust Odor Air Filtration.

Air Filtration System | Source Capture | Solder Fume Extractor |Nano Rework Station |

Solder fume extractor | Flex Articulating Arm | for Source Capture

Nano rework station, meet your friend and partner, our

SolderPure Fume Extractor | Air Filtration System. πŸ™‚

Yes, it comes with a flex articulating arm- optional table mounted arm, digital control panel, a particulate pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and an Activated carbon, chemical gas phase filter.

  • Capture SOLDER SMOKE & FUMES at source, before they migrate throughout the room
  • Extremely quiet (52 dBA)
  • Optional Foot-pedal simplifies operation (PN: H181-Universal, or PN: H251-deluxe soft-touch)
  • Multi-Flex Arm included
  • Cyanide removal also available
  • PDF spec sheet

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Ceiling Suspended Free Hanging Wall Mount Horizontal Orientation Air Filtration System

Home and Office Series Air Filtration System Hepa and Activated Carbon Chemical Filter – available in ceiling suspended – free hanging – wall mount configuration (horizontal, “landscape” orientation).

  • Free up valuable, premium floor space without paying a premium price – add only $100 to the price of the vertical, upright, floor unit
  • Filter configurations : | Fine Particulate Control | Odor Control Capablities |
  • Compact free hanging – suspended – wall mounted – available floor standing model with wheels in horizintal orientation – air purifying system for people who suffer with Allergen super sensitivity
  • Ozone free system, with 99.97% sub micron dust removal
  • Powerful backward inclined motorized impeller provides high room air changes
  • High efficiency motor with low amperage draw
  • Digital variable speed control allows for whisper quiet night time operation
  • Airflow: 700 CFM free air, Operating range: 60 – 500 CFM Continue reading

Flex Arms, Articulating Arms for your SPH400, SPH800, and CSA600 Laser Fume Dust Extractor System

Flex Arms, Articulating Arms for your SPH400, SPH800, and CSA600 Laser Fume Dust Extractor System

The units are shipped, standard feature, with a 4” diameter, 6 foot long heavy duty flex hose. Optional smaller hose collar diameters are available: 3”, 2.5”.

You may want to order your unit or units with a matching flex arm or articulating arm – here are your options:




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Ceiling Hanging Suspended, Wall Mounted, Horizontal Air Filtration System for Smaller Spaces

The choice is yours, mobility with easy moving roller casters, move the air filtration system from room to room – as in small renovation projects, mold remediation, construction – where dust, airborne particulates, molds, mold spores, odors, fumes, from painting, varnishing, etc needs to be reduced / removed.

Now if space saving as well as air filtration capabilities such as dust and odor removal is needed, where floor space is a premium- the ceiling suspended, hanging from the ceiling, or wall mounted version would be your choice.

All these air filtration systems come in a variety of filter configurations matched to your needs and application- HEPA + Activated Carbon Filtration etc.

Here’s what they look like: click here

Need help in choosing the right air filtration for your needs, applications, small, large spaces, dust, odor, chemical fumes control, removal, reduction, whatever they may be – please do not hesitate to call us on our toll free number from anywhere in North America: 1-800-626-0664, calling outside of North America, call 1-514-421-0658 or Skype with us: lito.espinosa. You may also use the contact form below.

Epilog Laser Marking, Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving System – Laser Fumes, Dust, Odor Extractor, Air Filtration Systems to Match and Pair with Them

Match / Pair your Epilog Laser Marking, Laser Cutting, Laser Engraving System with one of our Laser Fumes, Dust, Odor Extractor, Air Filtration Systems

  • Epilog Zing 16 (16”x12”) – 4” diameter port
  • Epilog Zing 24 (24”x12”) – 4” diameter port
  • Epilog Legend Mini 18 (18”x12”) – 4” diameter port
  • Epilog Legend Mini 24 (24”x12”) – 4” diameter port
  • Epilog Legend Helix 24 (24”x18”) – 4” diameter port
  • Epilog Legend 36EXT (36”x24”) – 4” diameter port
  • Epilog Fibermark (24”x12”) – 4” diameter port

Laser and Laser Marking Fume Odor Dust Extractor Air Filtration System

We are blessed and fortunate to work with a company that has been the OEM supplier of choice for numerous manufacturers of laser engravers and cutters. Working closely with the manufacturers has allowed them to constantly improve their products and custom design the next generation of air filtration for the laser cutting, marking and engraving industry. They have been supplying units to the industry for the past eight years and are now on our fourth generation of product with innovations such as our zero bypass Laser Blue Gel. Manufacturers and customers have done extensive testing when comparing their units to competitors and time and time again we hear that their units are more powerful and quieter. We are confident that no other manufacturer of air purification systems can provide such industry proven technology that can compete with them.

Effective fume extraction is critical to laser systems due to the possibility of toxic, carcinogenic corrosive or extremely odorous contaminants that can be generated.

All of our systems feature multi-stage filtration incorporating a 2” Pre-filter section, 2” Certified HEPA filter and activated carbon modules. We offer systems for light-medium duty tabletop systems favored by hobbyists everywhere as well as mid-heavy duty cycle units for larger tables and/or significant particle accumulation. New this year is our SPH-400 pre-filter section which will turn our popular SPH-400 system into a true heavy duty dust / particulate collector as well.

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