Compact free hanging – suspended – wall mounted air filtration system

Free up valuable, premium floor space without paying a premium price – add only $100 to the price of the vertical, upright, floor unit

Filter configurations : | Fine Particulate Control | Odor Control Capabilities |
Compact free hanging – suspended – wall mounted – available floor standing model with wheels in horizontal orientation – air purifying system for people who suffer with Allergen super sensitivity
Ozone free system, with 99.97% sub micron dust removal
Powerful backward inclined motorized impeller provides high room air changes
High efficiency motor with low amperage draw
Digital variable speed control allows for whisper quiet night time operation
Airflow: 700 CFM free air, Operating range: 60 – 500 CFM
Whisper quiet operation bedtime operation, 42 dBA at low speed
Audible and visual LED alarms provide feedback
Microprocessor AUTOFLOW feature speeds up fan automatically as filters get dirty to maintain airflow

Easy serviceability and filter changing
Ability to customize filter sequence to meet specific needs
Ability to customize filters for people suffering from a specific and/or unique Chemical sensitivity
L x H x W
23” x 13” x 16”
29” x 13” x 16”
Filters available to mix and match according to your needs:
1” pleated pre-filter
1” Carbon filter
2” HEPA – Activated Carbon combo filter
2” Activated Carbon filter
2” Pleated pre-filter
2” HEPA filter
4” High Capacity Pre-filter
4” Activated Carbon filter
6” High Capacity Filter
6” HEPA Filter, metal frame
Optional hose collars for ducted applications
Fine dust particulate control capabilities
Odor control capabilities
Plug and play
5 Year Fan warranty (parts and labor)
UL, CSA (US and Canada), CE certified

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Ceiling Hanging Suspended, Wall Mounted, Horizontal Air Filtration System for Smaller Spaces

The choice is yours, mobility with easy moving roller casters, move the air filtration system from room to room – as in small renovation projects, mold remediation, construction – where dust, airborne particulates, molds, mold spores, odors, fumes, from painting, varnishing, etc needs to be reduced / removed.

Now if space saving as well as air filtration capabilities such as dust and odor removal is needed, where floor space is a premium- the ceiling suspended, hanging from the ceiling, or wall mounted version would be your choice.

All these air filtration systems come in a variety of filter configurations matched to your needs and application- HEPA + Activated Carbon Filtration etc.

Here’s what they look like: click here

Need help in choosing the right air filtration for your needs, applications, small, large spaces, dust, odor, chemical fumes control, removal, reduction, whatever they may be – please do not hesitate to call us on our toll free number from anywhere in North America: 1-800-626-0664, calling outside of North America, call 1-514-421-0658 or Skype with us: lito.espinosa. You may also use the contact form below.

BreathEasy Horizontal Series Air Filtration 1500 CFM, 2500 CFM, 3500 CFM

Air Filtration System, Air Scrubber that can deliver, move, 1500 CFM, 2500 CFM, and 3500 CFM of air – great for larger spaces.


General specification:

  • Horizontal model
  • Construction: Single wall 16 gauge steel
  • Base: 4″ formed channel base
  • Paint: Light Industrial Grey
    One primer coat over chemically cleaned surfaces, followed by 2 finishing coat
  • Satin coat steel particulate filter tracks
  • Non-access panels are bolted and gasketed to the frame
  • All joints are sealed
  • Access doors: 316 stainless steel hinges, comes with positive pressure latching mechanism
  • Entire unit is constructed for a corrosive environment

Filters includes:

  • Section 1.1: 4″, 40% MERV-8 pre-filters
  • Section 1.2: 12″, 99.97% HEPA filter
  • Section 1.3: Gas phase filter section, 6 modules, comes with 4 cubic feet of chemical media
  • Section 1.4: 2″, 30% MERV-6 after (post) filter


Dimensions, CFM, Weight, Filter sequence, Filter configuration – see below:


Filter Configuration according to application:

  • AFH-_001 = 4″ pre-filter + 12″ High capacity or Bag filter (Dust only application)
  • AFH-_002 = 4″ pre-filter + 12″ High capacity or Bag filter + 12″ HEPA filter (Fine dust only application)
  • AFH-_003 = 2″ pre-filter + 18″ deep chemical filter + 2″ after filter (Heavy odor applications)
  • AFH-_004 = 4″ pre-filter + 12″ HEPA + 18″ deep chemical filter + 2″ after filter (Fine dust and odor application)

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