Demo HVAC Positive Pressure Mobile Air Filtration System – Reduced Price

Portable, Mobile HVAC Air Filtration Unit. Supplies Filtered cool or heated air, positive pressure air application.

This is a follow up on a previous post about the above subject.

Demo system at a budget price may be available (at the time of this posting). First come first serve basis:

1) You will require a special plug to supply power to the unit (will get you the Hubbell part#). 230 volt , 3 phase
2) Standard delivery for these units is 14 weeks. However we do have one demo unit that I can verify if it is available
3) Budget price for Demo system is $15,000.00 but I need to verify this
4) Demo unit is aluminum construction , not painted

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Portable HVAC Air Filtration Positive Pressure Applications

Great for outdoor locations, mobile sites- movie set on location, construction site, mobile medical facility / tent, portable, mobile, trailer offices, etc.

Commercial, Industrial Grade Portable HVAC Air Filtration Positive Pressure Capability – can supply heated or cooled air, filtered air, positive pressurize a given space (keep the dust out while pumping in filtered air through a high cap, high efficiency MERV 8 filter)

  • Portable, move from one location to another
  • High capacity, high efficiency MERV 8 filter
  • Positive pressurizing use
  • Supply filtered, cooled or heated air
Portable HVAC Unit

Lightweight 18 ga. precision metal cabinet
Environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A
High capacity high efficiency MERV 8 air filter
Equipped with remote thermostat controller c/w 50ft of cable
Many more features – contact us

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