Whole House Furnace Central Air Heating Bypass Air Filtration System

Whole House Furnace Central Air Heating Bypass Air Filtration System

Partial bypass configuration, help eliminate airborne contaminants (dust, pollen, dust mites, allergens, odors, chemical fumes, chemical gases, etc) passing through your HVAC system, and provide clean, filtered air for large spaces or the entire home.


Attic / Ceiling Installation – Space saving, efficient air filtration for one or multiple rooms.

Standalone Units – Best results for one room and other smaller areas.

HVAC / Central Air / Central Heating / Furnace Bypass – Clean air for the entire home or office.

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Portable HVAC Air Filtration Positive Pressure Applications

Great for outdoor locations, mobile sites- movie set on location, construction site, mobile medical facility / tent, portable, mobile, trailer offices, etc.

Commercial, Industrial Grade Portable HVAC Air Filtration Positive Pressure Capability – can supply heated or cooled air, filtered air, positive pressurize a given space (keep the dust out while pumping in filtered air through a high cap, high efficiency MERV 8 filter)

  • Portable, move from one location to another
  • High capacity, high efficiency MERV 8 filter
  • Positive pressurizing use
  • Supply filtered, cooled or heated air
Portable HVAC Unit

Lightweight 18 ga. precision metal cabinet
Environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A
High capacity high efficiency MERV 8 air filter
Equipped with remote thermostat controller c/w 50ft of cable
Many more features – contact us

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