Strong Marijuana Odors | Police – Law Enforcement Evidence Property Room

Cannabis, Marijuana, Property, Evidence Room Odor and Dust Problems


Strong Marijuana Odors | Police – Law Enforcement Evidence Property Room

Heavy odor control air filtration - Filter configuration Pro Series air filtration system high dust chemical odor removal ducting recirculating capabilities compact portable Heavy odor control air filtration – Filter configuration
Pro Series air filtration system high dust chemical odor removal ducting recirculating capabilities compact portable

Revisiting this problem regarding the issue of strong marijuana odors and other odors for that matter – it is a nuisance and a health concern.

From talking to law enforcement personnel who work in this area odor seems to be the main issue followed by airborne particulates.

Using a recirculating air filtration system equipped with HEPA filter and a Chemical filter (activated carbon and other special blends- if needed) can help working in these areas or spaces more tolerable and safer, health-wise.

Take a look at the BreathEasy PRO series air filtration family.

If you need help with product selection please don’t hesitate to call us or fill out the contact form below. Toll Free # 1-800-626-0664

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Passive Pre-Filter Modules, Laser Fume Extractors

PF801/PF401 Passive Front Access

Pre-filter Modules Capture larger dust and particles protecting the air purifier’s HEPA and/or carbon filter. Designed to enhance the performance of the SPH800/SPH400 air purifiers.


Who needs it?
Customers that have heavy dust loadings or any type of “sticky” fumes will appreciate this pre-filter section since it will prolong the life of the primary filters inside the SPH800/SPH400 extractors, reducing the maintenance costs.

How can I use it?
The PF801/PF401 passive pre-filters can be used either as add-on modules to an SPH800/SPH400 air purifier or as standalone mobile units. The standalone modules, can be used with virtually any existing filtration system. The inlet and discharge collars can accommodate many different arrangements to suit the application. Single or dual 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” or 4” diameter collars are available as standard options. Custom diameters are available upon request.

| More on our Passive Pre-filter Modules for Laser Fume Extractors |

Call us, toll free, 1-800-626-0664, for help with your product selection. You could also send us a completed contact form below:

BP2000H – Industrial Grade Air Purifier, Air Filtration Systems – Horizontal – Wall Mount – Ceiling Suspended

Industrial, commercial grade air filtration system, wall mount, ceiling suspended, recirculating or ducted, dust, odor control or removal – multi-stage filtration, HEPA and Chemical Odor Filters, etc.


Commercial, Industrial Grade Air Purifier, Air Filtration Systems | Horizontal | Wall Mount | Ceiling Suspended

Designed to handle high concentrations of chemicals, gases, odors, particles and biological contaminants, the BP2000H delivers superior air quality for virtually any application that requires removal of chemicals, vapors and particles directly at the source.


The 5-stage filtration system offers enhanced protection against a wide range of airborne pollutants including chemical compounds, gases, odors and particles.

Dimensions: H x W x D

68 x 24 x 26 (in), 350 lbs

180 x 61 x 66 (cm), 159 kg

Airflow (nominal): 1000 CFM (472 liters/s)

HEPA filter: 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 micron

Chemical filter: up to 240 lbs (110 kg); 26 blends available

UV Light available (certain configurations)

Power: 120V, 60Hz, 4A / 230V, 50Hz, 2A

Sound levels: < 54dbA at low speed

Cabinet: Heavy…

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Air Purifier Chemical Odor Fumes Gases

Industrial, Commercial grade air scrubbers, air filtration systems, custom blended chemical media for your specific applications, stand-alone recirculating air purifiers with ducting options for negative or positive air applications.


Refillable Chemical Filters (Activated Carbon – available in various blends for various needs)

They contain carefully engineered filtration chemical media blends to remove gases, odors, chemical vapors, and volatile organic compounds (vocs).

BP2000 Series

Take a closer look at our BP2000 series industrial, commercial grade air filtration system:

  • Effective solution to wide range of airborne chemicals and odors: exhaust gases, paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment, glues, adhesives, disinfectants, and many more.
  • Reduce gas phase contaminants to below OSHA’s TLV levels.
  • Built to meet the regulations for ventilation rates for spaces up to 1200 square feet, the BP2000 is equipped with a high quality blower motor which guarantee a very high volumetric flow rate.
  • Highly customizable, capable to eliminate a huge variety of pollutants.
  • By using various combinations of filters and 26 different chemical filtration media, the BP2000 is the air filtration system of…

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SPH400, SPH426, Not Your Ordinary Laser Fume Extractor, Air Filtration System

Affordable, powerful suction, 8″ deep bed chemical odor filtration, HEPA filter, available Pre-filter module, PF400 – #laserfumeextractor #smoke #odor #fumes



Our most popular model Laser Fume Extractor for light and medium duty applications

The SPH400 series Laser Fume Extractor, Air Filtration System, is our most popular model for light and medium duty applications. It’s made here in North America, in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada but has found its way to shops, labs, offices, workplaces around the world.

Here’s why.

4 stages, multi-stages of filtration


The Quatro Air SPH400 Fume Extractor and Air Filtration System is designed with up to 4 stages of filtration each targeted for removal of specific size particles and gases.

There are a series of filters in the system to ensure that all particulate matter/ dust is removed efficiently:

The unit contains multi-layer knock out pad filters, Deep Pleated high capacity safety filters and a MERV 17 99.97 % HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter is the last particulate filter in the sequence and it is designed to remove…

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Home Office Small Spaces Dorm Hotel Motel Room Air Filtration Dust Odor Removal

Air purifiers, air filtration system for small spaces, home, home office, workspace, clinic, waiting room, cubicle, etc


Home Office Small Spaces Dorm Hotel Motel Room Air Filtration Dust Odor Removal

We have smaller, portable, multiple purpose air purifiers, air cleaners, air filtration systems for your small spaces.

For your home, home office, dorm room, hotel – motel room when traveling, your RV or Mobile Home – whether you want to get rid of, reduce your exposure to allergens, dust, odors, chemical gas, fumes, we have a clean air solution with the right filter configuration for your needs.

Actually, we’d be happy to take your call, toll free number is 1-800-626-0664, if you need help in choosing the right air purifier, air filtration solution for you. So call us anytime, even on weekends, someone will be happy to help you with your clean air solution selection.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express Card through our PayPal Checkout.

Here’s a brief description of what we have to offer:

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Reducing odors and dust particles in your printing room – stand-alone recirculating air filtration systems.



BreathEasy PRO series, BH and BHH Series, can provide air recirculation for both dust


control (HEPA filters capture 99.97 % of particles as small as 0.3 micron) as well as VOCs and chemical odor, chemical off-gasing. As most large format printers are aware, off-gassing from the print material doesn’t stop the instant that the material has printed. All of our systems are UL/CSA/CE certified and are available in 110V or 230V versions for shipping internationally.  Call us today about your printing application.

For virtually any application that requires removal of chemicals, odors, fumes, vapors and particles directly at the source, BP2000’s wide selection of flexible or articulated arms, hoods and ducting accessories capture any contaminants before they spread into the surrounding environment.

Call us, toll free, 1-800-626-0664, for assistance with your product selection.

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laser blue gel seal zero bypass to fumes odors vocs

Confidently recirculating filtered air back into the room or space – zero by-pass 👍👌


The Quatro Air Fume Extractors / Air Filtration Systems, SPH-400 series, CSA-600 series , and SPH-800 series – for odor, dust, debris, laser marking, laser cutting, laser engraving applications all come equipped with the Laser Blue Gel Seal.

Blue Laser Gel – No Bypass

Seal  guarantees NO BYPASS

Quatro Air has been the OEM supplier of choice for numerous manufacturers of laser engravers and cutters. Working closely with the manufacturers has allowed us to constantly improve our products and custom design the next generation of air filtration for the laser cutting, marking and engraving industry. We have been supplying units to the industry for the past eight years and are now on our fourth generation of product with innovations such as our zero bypass Laser Blue Gel. Manufacturers and customers have done extensive testing when comparing our units to our competitors and time and time again…

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