Air Filtration Systems for Data Centers

High Efficiency Air Filtration Systems, Air Scrubbers, Air Purifiers For Data Centers

Telecommunications, Electronic control rooms (pulp & paper, petrochemical, manufacturing, etc.), High tech industry (chip manufacturing, process rooms, etching areas)

Data centers are dynamic environments where maintenance operations, infrastructure upgrades, and  equipment  changes  take  place  regularly,  leading  to  possible  introduction  of  airborne contaminants. Data centers also house other contaminants, such as chlorine, that can be emitted from PVC insulation on wires and cables if temperatures get too high.

Corrosive Environment Protection – Corrosion of contacts and components on circuit boards accounts for 30 to 40% of all equipment failures. The eCorrosion is caused by an unmanaged environment consisting of combinations of uncontrolled temperature and humidity, along with harmful corrosive gases inside the electronic equipment rooms. Early life failures due to eCorrosion could result in unplanned warranty, and other maintenance and replacement related costs.

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Portable Air Scrubbers Filtration System Construction Renovation Remediation

Portable Air Scrubbers Air Filtration System Construction Renovation Remediation

New!! Introducing the ContractAir series of portable air scrubbers!! (so new it’s not even on our website) 🙂

Construction - Renovation - Asbestos - Mold Remediation

Construction – Renovation – Asbestos – Mold Remediation

Multi-purpose air scrubber, air filtration system

Multi-purpose air scrubber, air filtration system

Ultimate protection against mold, asbestos, dust, and chemicals.

Compact. lightweight and versatile – offers advanced protection, air filtration against dust, ultra-fine particulate and chemical pollutants.

High efficiency unit, removes dangerous airborne contaminants, reduce the health risks, create a safe work environment and protect sensitive equipment. Continue reading