Wow, Super Smog in China, Air Pollution Air Filtration Air Cleaner For Indoor Spaces

Wow, Super Smog in China, Air Pollution Air Filtration Air Cleaner For Indoor Spaces

Super smog in northern Chinese city of Harbin closes schools, cancels flight and halts buses – headline of article published in Yahoo! News Canada

Scary, unhealthy stuff, one we hope we do not experience here in North America. Quoting from the news article:

The manager for U.S. jazz singer Patti Austen, meanwhile, said the singer had cancelled a concert in Beijing because of an asthma attack likely linked to pollution.

“I couldn’t see anything outside the window of my apartment, and I thought it was snowing,” said Wu Kai, 33, a housewife and mother of a baby boy, said in a telephone interview from Harbin. “Then I realized it wasn’t snow. I have not seen the sun for a long time.”

She said her husband went to work in a mask, that he could barely see a few meters ahead of him and that his usual bus had stopped running.

“It’s scary, too dangerous. How could people drive or walk on such a day?”

The link, once again, for the rest of the article –

No wonder, as I monitor visits to our website, we have been getting visits from browsers based in China.

We can ship air filtration systems, air cleaners, air purifiers to China or anywhere else in the world for that matter – will definitely cost much, but we can do it if the end user, buyer wishes to avail themselves of a very well made, well engineered, well designed, well thought off air filtration system – our BreathEasy Home and Office line.

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