Mobile and powerful source capture fume extractor for welding applications

ABCBD93A-0DA8-4428-93F4-ECD0BC0AF0E8The highly-efficient multi-stage filtration system includes: internal aluminum mesh spark arrestor, pre-filter wrap, washable filter for sub-micron particles down to 0.2 microns, capture tray for larger particles and optional carbon filter. The washable cartridge filter reduces the need for frequent filter replacement and minimizes operating costs. Easy access to the filtration system allows the user to perform any maintenance task without any formal training.

Maneuverability – Heavy-duty casters allow for easy movement between work areas, Filter Life – Cleanable / washable cartridge filter reduces operational costs, Extended Fume Capture Area – 360-degree, easy to operate, low resistance extraction arms (7’ or 10’), Increased Productivity, High capacity debris tray and tool-free filter replacement reduce downtimes, Quiet Operation, Only 58 dBA and additional sound attenuation available if required.

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More on the new WeldAir Welding Fume Extractor Air Filtration System

Mobile Welding Fume Extractor Air Filtration System


  • Easy to use source capture, articulating flex arm
  • High air flow, low pressure drop
  • Washable cartridge filter
  • Energy efficient
  • Low operating costs
  • ETL approved to UL507 and CSA 22.2

Key features:image

  • Maneuverability – heavy duty casters make it easy to move the unit around the shop
  • Filter life – cleanable, washable cartridge
  • Extend fume capture area – 360 degree, easy to operate, low resistance extraction arms, available 7’ – 10‘
  • Increase productivity – high capacity dust debris tray, tool free filter replacement reduce down time
  • Quiet operation – only 58 dBA, additional sound reduction if required

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Velocity X4 Welding Fume Extractor System – Dust Smoke Odor

Source capture, dust, smoke, chemical fumes, gases with our Velocity X4 Welding Fume Extractor System

The Velocity X4 Welding Fume Extractor System is here….

Source capture, dust, smoke, chemical fumes, gases with our Velocity X4 Welding Fume Extractor System

Velocity X4 welding unit – air filtration system comes equipped with:

  • Knock out spark arrestor plate
  • Pre-filter wrap captures larger particles of dust and airborne debris
  • High efficiency cartridge 99.9% on 1 micron for dust, smoke, and particulate air filtration
  • 7 foot , 4” diameter flexible arm, provides an amazing 4500-5000 Feet per minute capture velocity
  • Casters for manoeuvrability
  • Activated Carbon Filter Discharge Door for removing / reducing odors, chemical fumes and gases
  • Best part is it is priced under $3000.00 USD 

Closer look at the new articulating flex arm – click here.

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New Articulating Arm for Welding Fumes Extractor Air Filtration System

New Articulating Arm for Welding Fumes Extractor Air Filtration System

Just want to let you all know that we have a new articulating arm in used with our BreathEasy Welding Fume, Smoke, Dust, Odor Extractor.

Articulating Arm for our BreathEasy Welding Fumes, Dust, Smoke, Odor Extractor – Air Filtration System

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Welding Fumes Extractor With Articulating Flex Arm Air Filtration System

These units are engineered, designed to extract smoke, fumes, odor close to the source- welding, soldering, cutting, etc applications.

This well made, well designed, powerful, efficient fume extractor system comes with these filters:

  1. Pre-filters for larger dust particles,
  2. HEPA filters, 99.97% efficient down to .3 micron for smoke and very fine airborne particulates,
  3. Activated charcoal / Chemical gas filter for chemical fumes, gases, and odors.
  4. Powerful motor / blower for greater pulling, suction power.

Our Welding Fume Extractor with Articulating Arm Air Filtration System hard at work. There’s a couple in the background enjoying their coffee break. 😉

By the way, just want to let you know, we have a new articulating arm for our BreathEasy PRO Welding Fume, Odor, Dust, Smoke Extractor, Air Filtration System.

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