Mobile and powerful source capture fume extractor for welding applications

ABCBD93A-0DA8-4428-93F4-ECD0BC0AF0E8The highly-efficient multi-stage filtration system includes: internal aluminum mesh spark arrestor, pre-filter wrap, washable filter for sub-micron particles down to 0.2 microns, capture tray for larger particles and optional carbon filter. The washable cartridge filter reduces the need for frequent filter replacement and minimizes operating costs. Easy access to the filtration system allows the user to perform any maintenance task without any formal training.

Maneuverability – Heavy-duty casters allow for easy movement between work areas, Filter Life – Cleanable / washable cartridge filter reduces operational costs, Extended Fume Capture Area – 360-degree, easy to operate, low resistance extraction arms (7’ or 10’), Increased Productivity, High capacity debris tray and tool-free filter replacement reduce downtimes, Quiet Operation, Only 58 dBA and additional sound attenuation available if required.

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Dust Collectors | Large High Volume Brushless | 300 CFM 400 CFM 600 CFM |

Dust Collectors | Large High Volume Brushless | 300 CFM 400 CFM 600 CFM |

Velocity Series – Large High Volume Brushless


  • Premium power series for universal use
  • Excellent for EVERYTHING: Aluminous oxide, sand, quartz, glass beads, gypsum, die-stone, ceramic alloys, acrylics, resins, etc
  • “A-Mile-A-Minute High Performance Brushless Dust Collection
  • Unique sub-micron dust collection filtration down to 0.3 microns
  • “Slide & Glide” Rejuvenating Cartridge Filter System
  • Brushless, Bagless, and Maintenance Free Industrial Motor
  • No brushes or filter bags to change and replace
  • Comprehensive Extended Two Year Warranty Protection
  • Pre-Filter Collector & Odor Exhaust Filter upgrade features available
  • Available in a configuration with both air intake grill and clean air exhaust grill – optional flex hose collars, 1 x 6″ diameter, 1 x 8″ diameter or 2 x 6″ diameter, 2 x 8″ diameter
  • Velocity X4 delivers up to 600 CFM of air moving capability
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view 1
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view 2
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view 3
VelocityX4_01.JPG (32952 bytes)
inlet and exhaust options
VelocityX4_02.JPG (24274 bytes)
filter view / specs
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Velocity X1 Single Station
Height 17″ (432mm)
Width 14″ (356mm)
Depth 21″ (508mm)
Weight 65lb (29.48kg )
CFM 300
W.C 2″
Velocity X2 Two Station
Height 17″ (432mm)
Width 14″ (356mm)
Depth 25″ (635mm)
Weight 73lb (33.11kg )
CFM 400
W.C 2″
Velocity X4 Four Station
Height 22″ (556mm)
Width 18″ (458mm)
Depth 34″ (864mm)
Weight 120lb (54.43kg )
CFM 600
W.C 2″

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