Ultra-Violet Light UV Bulb Upgrade Option Air Purifier Air Filtration System

Did you know that the BreathEasy PRO offers a UV Light (Ultra-violet light – “U” bulb) upgrade, option?

Yes indeed!!

For example, on the BreathEasy PRO BP2000 series you can add one filter stage comprising of two (2) UV “U” bulb modules – each module comes with two (2) UV “U” bulbs. One filter stage on the the BP2000 series comprises a total of four (4) UV “U” bulbs, a total of 58 Watts.

The BP1000 series UV light upgrade, option comprise of one (1) UV “U” bulb module, with two (2) UV “U” bulbs per module – yes, a total of two (2) UV “U” bulbs, total of 29 Watts.

Add, if you have need for them, the UV Light upgrade, option to your BreathEasy PRO series air filtration system, air purifier, air cleaner, air scrubber- for that extra measure of protection. Continue reading