SolderPure with dual work-station configuration

Did you know you can get a SolderPure solder fume extractor configured for a dual work-station set up?

Yes – it is like get two (2) for the price of one unit. Neat eh?! ­čÖé But seriously, one of the neat features of the SolderPure is that it could cover two soldering stations with one single SolderPure solder fume extractor / air filtration system.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 2.41.38 PM

Features that make this a worthwhile investment:

  • Ideal for low debris generating applications
  • Motorized brushless impeller
  • Enhanced mobility with heavy duty lockable casters
  • Multi-stage filtration system: pre-filter, HEPA and chemical odor filter.
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Digital control panel

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Happy soldering!!

SPH-Mini Series Fume Odor Dust Extractor Air Filtration System

Sort of a “mini me” of the SolderPure – small but packed with suction, air pulling power as well as odor or dust filtration capabilities.

Priced ay under $900.00 USD, the SPH-Mini boasts of a high speed turbine motor that generates very good suction power, a maximum airflow of 141 CFM with a maximum static pressure capability of 90″ w.c.

The SPH-Mini can be configured with a set of filters for odor control or dust control capabilities.

The SPH-Mini can be used for a wide variety of dust, odor, fume extraction applications: nail salons, hobbyists, soldering fumes, field service support (cleaning and maintenance of all sorts of electronic / electrical equipment), etc.

Features / Specs:

  1. Heavy gauge welded steel construction
  2. Powder coated standard Quatro white
  3. Standard inlet 1.5″, optional 3″
  4. Discharge grills located underneath the system
  5. Maximum airflow 141 CFM
  6. Maximum static pressure capability 90″ w.c.
  7. Whisper quiet operation 56dBA
  8. One (1) CSA/UL approved 1100 Watt brush type blower
  9. Available in 120V and 230V
  10. Blower is complete with thermal cut-offs
  11. 6′ electrical cord set
  12. Analog control panel
    manual on/off switch
    speed control
    circuit breaker
  13. Standard disposable box filter for soldering / odor applications / applications requiring odor filter:
    multi-layered inlet filter pad
    99.97% on .3 microns certified medical grade HEPA filter
    deep bed general purpose chemical media
  14. For dust only collection application:
    pre-filter bag
    spunbond polyester cartridge Merv 11
    BIA rating 99.93% on dust particles .2 – 2 microns in size
  15. Easy tool less filter change out
  16. 6′ of heavy duty industrial hose
  17. Limited one (1) year warranty
  18. Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ x 19″ High
  19. Approximate operating weight is 28 lbs

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