Data Center Air Filtration System Solution – Smog, pollutants from auto, motor vehicle emissions, exhaust fumes

We face SMOG issues here. Also the air is loaded with emissions from cars and other regular pollutants in a normal big city

Prospective client writes:

The Data center is not in a particularly corrosive environment. This is not an industrial area or a chemical plant. Its just the city center with the regular city center air. We face SMOG issues here. Also the air is loaded with emissions from cars and other regular pollutants in a normal big city. The client’s concern was that harmful corrosive element in the air may have an adverse effect on sophisticated server motherboards and chips. We do not have the count of harmful particles, neither do we have any data that which particular element and compound in the air can be harmful. It is just a data center in the heart of Lahore.

A special blend designed to remove gaseous contaminants

Our recommendation:

We would make a special blend designed to remove gaseous contaminants that are by-products from vehicle emissions, diesel exhaust and jet fumes, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide, as well as ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), plus lower molecular weight contaminants such as aldehydes and hydrocarbons.


Any application that requires removal of chemicals, odors, fumes, vapors and particles

For virtually any application that requires removal of chemicals, odors, fumes, vapors and particles directly at the source, BP2000’s wide selection of flexible or articulated arms, hoods and ducting accessories capture any contaminants before they spread into the surrounding environment.

Recirculation unit: Continuously recirculating the indoor ambient room air through a multi-stage air filtration system, removing airborne contaminants every time the air passes through the unit. The higher the number of air changes per hour (ACH), the cleaner the air will be.

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Air Purifiers for Volcanic Vog, Volcanic Smog

Extreme Air Purifier for Volcanic Smog

BreathEasy BP PRO series and BH series (home, office, small spaces) air filtration systemsbh-airflow are our air purifying units configured specifically to adsorb the dangerous chemicals, gases and toxic particles emitted from volcanic smog, or VOG. When Sulphur dioxide and other gases and particles are emitted by an erupting volcano that react with oxygen and moisture in the presence of sunlight this forms volcanic smog and fog.

A special blend of chemical media provides increased chemical filtration, which is ideal for residents and businesses located within 100 miles of a volcano.

So, What is VOG exactly ?

Volcanic smog or VOG is formed when sulfur dioxide and other pollutants from an active volcano react with oxygen, moisture, dust and sunlight. This creates a dangerous mix of airborne pollutants that can penetrate deep into the lungs and irritate the tissues and mucus membranes of the eyes, nose and throat. The long-term effects of breathing in volcanic smog are unknown.

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Delhi Wakes Up to an Air Pollution Problem It Cannot Ignore

Headline on this New York Times article reads “Delhi Wakes Up to an Air Pollution Problem It Cannot Ignore”

It continues:

NEW DELHI — For years, this sprawling city on the Yamuna River had the dirtiest air in the world, but few who lived here seemed conscious of the problem or worried about its consequences.

Now, suddenly, that has begun to change. Some among New Delhi’s Indian and foreign elites have started to wear the white surgical masks so common in Beijing. The United States Embassy purchased 1,800 high-end air purifiers in recent months for staff members’ homes, with many other major embassies following suit.

For the rest of the NY Times story click here.

Wow!! First Beijing, now India.

Just want to let you know that we also ship our air purifiers, air cleaners, air filtration systems to other overseas countries other than USA and Canada. Our air filtration systems also come in 220 – 240 Volts power configuration.

Home Office Small Commercial Spaces Series Air Filtration System HEPA Filter and Activated Carbon Chemical Filter

We offer a wide range of air filtration systems, air purifiers, air cleaners to help reduce your exposure to hazardous, unhealthy, polluted air. Many of our air filtration systems are configured to help reduce / remove airborne particles, yes down to .3 microns using medical grade HEPA filter, reduce your exposure to harmful chemical fumes, chemical gases, odors using activated carbon / activated charcoal filtration, and for that extra level of protection and disinfection, an optional UV (Ultra-Violet) Bulb stage.

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