Air Filtration System | Large Format Ink Jet Printer Odors Fumes

Reducing Printing Shop Large Format Ink Jet Printer Odors Fumes

Strong odors, chemical fumes, that offgasses during and after printing can be reduced, if not removed completely, in your printing shop or printing room using a stand alone, recirculating, air filtration system configured with a sufficient amount of activated carbon filtration.

BP PRO Series Air Filtration System for Printing Shop, Printing Room Odors, Fumes

Our BP PRO series fits the bill. We have the following BP PRO series air cleaner, air filtration systems to consider:

  • BP-600 series for up to approx. 350-400 sq.ft.(<36m2 )
  • BP-1000 series for up to approx. 500-600 sq.ft .(<56m2 )
  • BP-2000 series for up to approx. 1000-1200 sq.ft. .(<111m2 )

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