Downdraft Station Air Filtration System for Dust and Chemical Odor Filtration

Downdraft Station | Space-Saving Air Filtration System

Advanced protection from harmful chemicals and particulates

For a wide range of applications :

Downdraft Station | Space Saving Air Filtration System for Dust and Chemical Odors

chemical fumes, powder, fine dust removal, solvent vapor fumes, pharmaceutical powder filling, compounding, light grinding dust, acid gas fumes, anesthesia gas containment, epoxy fumes, and many more.

Powered by an ultra-quiet brushless motor and a multi-stage filtration system, the DDS Downdraft Station removes harmful particles from the work area and helps you maintain a clean and healthy workplace.

For restricted spaces, the Low Profile Configuration allows the system’s containment hood to be installed on the workbench and connected to the top or the back of the Multi-stage Filtration Unit via flexible hose.

Available Configurations

Stand-alone:Downdraft Station Air Filtration System - Low profile, with ClearView Containment Hood

  • 45.5″H (1155mm) x 16″W (406mm) x 17.9”D (455mm)

Low Profile:

  • ClearView Containment System
    14.5″H (368mm) x 15″W (381mm) x 15”D (381mm)
  • Multi-stage Filtration Unit
    32″H (813mm) x 16″W (406mm) x 13”D (330mm);
    High Intensity LED Bracket (optional)

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