Allerair Electrocorp Quatro Air Replacement Spare Filters

2" Activated Carbon- Chemical gas filter

2″ Activated Carbon- Chemical gas filter

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replacement filters for quatro air csa-600 fume extractor air filtration system

Customer inquiry regarding replacement (spare) filters for their CSA-600 fume extractor:

We have a Quatro CSA-600i Series Unit and we need  F128 filters, F074 Hepa Filter and F073 Filter. If you do have them, we need to get a quote. Thank You

Yes, we can help with replacement filters and parts.

Standard filter sequence supplied with the CSA-600:


  1. Anti-microbial multi-layered high capacity bag filter
  2. High capacity pleated 60% ASHRAE rated secondary filter
  3. 99.97% on .3 microns, certified medical grade HEPA filter
  4. 15” deep general purpose chemical filter module (refillable  – activated charcoal / carbon module)

Prices below (subject to change without prior notice):


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