handle high concentrations of chemicals, gases, odors, particles and biological contaminants

Designed to handle high concentrations of chemicals, gases, odors, particles and biological contaminants, the BP2000 delivers superior air quality for residential and commercial spaces, office, healthcare facilities, clinics, labs, buildings and any workshops or production facilities that require effective air filtration.

BP2000 Series for law enforcement evidence and property room storage

Air Purifiers, Air Cleaners, for odor and fine airborne dust particle removal

The standard configuration for BP2000 is standalone unit for general air purification.

For virtually any application that requires removal of chemicals, odors, fumes, vapors and particles directly at the source, BP2000’s wide selection of flexible or articulated arms, hoods and ducting accessories capture any contaminants  before they spread into the surrounding environment.

Recirculation unit: Continuously recirculating the ambient room air through a multi-stage air filtration system, removing airborne contaminants every time the air passes through the unit.

Positive air unit: The air purification units introduce clean air into the environment maintaining a higher air pressure (positive) and limiting the flow of contaminated air into the room. (Ideal for patients with sensitive or compromised immune systems)

Negative air unit: The units create a low pressure environment by filtering the contaminated air and venting it out of the room, preventing the spreading of contaminants from the room. (Ideal for patients with contagious diseases)

Source capture: The units equipped with source capture options filter contaminants at their point of origin, capturing the contaminants before they  disperse in the surrounding environment.

99.97% Certified HEPA Filters are very effective against viruses, bacteria, fungal spores and very fine particles

Refillable chemical filters contain carefully engineered filtration media blends to remove gases, odors, chemical vapors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The BP2000 is also available in a Horizontal Orientation, same choice of filter configurations to match your needs and and application, can be wall mounted, ceiling suspended, or on the floor with wheels for mobility.

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in less than 15 minutes and transform a room into an emergency negative pressure isolation environment

Highly efficient air purification system that can be deployed in less than 15 minutes and transform a room into an emergency negative pressure isolation environment. [Download MedicAir PDF Brochure]

MedicAir – Portable Isolation Room Purifier


  • Thousands of units successfully deployed worldwide
  • Convert ordinary Patient Rooms into Isolation Rooms in minutes
  • Microprocessor ensures minimum airflow to maintain negative room pressure as
    per CDC Standards
  • Automatically compensates motor speed for dirty filters
  • Instantaneously adjusts airflow to maintain required room pressure settings
  • LaserBlue Double Gel Filter Seal guarantees zero filter bypass
  • Comes with HEPA filters, germicidal UV lights, decontamination ports
  • Alarms when room pressure not achieved (door open)
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Dimensions: H x W x D
    45.5 x 22.25 x 14.25 (in), 175 lbs
    116 x 57 x 36 (cm), 80 kg
  • Airflow (nominal):
    560 CFM (264 liters/s);
  • Pre-filter: multi-layered, 30% efficient
  • HEPA filter:
    (2) Gel-sealed Cartridge Filters, remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 micron
    Filter seal: LaserBlue Gel
  • UV Light: (4) Germicidal UV Bulbs
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 4A / 230V, 50Hz, 2A
  • Sound level: < 54dbA at low speed
  • Cabinet: Heavy gauge welded steel
  • Download MedicAir PDF Spec Sheet

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