Laser Fume Extractor System for Cutting MDF With A Trotec SP500 Laser Machine

We’re cutting MDF 8 hours a day, 6 days a week

Hi Lito. We’re cutting MDF 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Both machines are cutting the same thing.  MDF is 95% of the work.
Currently all the cars in the parking lot get a thin film of wood dust in them after a few days.
Currently the extractors push the air outside. I believe that mdf and hardboard release fumes that are potentially carcinogenic,  so that’s the biggest reason for the filtration requirement.
We usually pair our SPH800 series with the SP500. They come in a Brushed Type version and a Brushless motor version. If you will be running the units continuously, 7 – 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I suggest the Brushless system. 
If you’re working with materials that produces “sticky fumes”, “sticky smoke”, I highly recommend that you invest in the Pre-filter Module, the PF801A. 

Brush Type Systems, SPH835 (230 v) , c/w: (2) AG168 knock out pad, (2) F071 pre-filter, (2) F074 HEPA filters , (2) AG097 general purpose chemical filter. Brushless Systems, SPH82B5 (230V Only), c/w:(2) AG168 knock out pad, (2) F071 pre-filter , (2) F074 HEPA filters , (2) AG097 general purpose chemical filter. PF801A, Add on pre-filter section designed to fit SPH800 casing, incl (3) F128 bags.


Contact  us for help with your Laser Fume Extraction needs

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Pre-filter module for your laser fume extractor

Are you consuming, replacing your main filters, chemical odor filter, HEPA filter, sooner rather than later?

Sticky smoke

is what we sometimes call the by-product when cutting or engraving on resinous materials such as acrylic, wood, materials with adhesive backing, etc. They consume filters sooner rather than later.

Here’s where our Pre-filter modules that can be added on our Laser Fume Extractors or ordered as a stand-alone to complement your existing laser fume extractor / air filtration system.

Designed to enhance the performance of the SPH800/SPH400 air purifiers, the PF801/PF401 passive pre-filter modules capture larger dust and particles protecting the air purifier’s HEPA and/or carbon filter.


The PF801/PF401 passive pre-filters can be used either as add-on modules to an SPH800/SPH400 air purifier or as standalone mobile units. The standalone modules, can be used with virtually any existing filtration system. The inlet and discharge collars can accommodate many different arrangements to suit the application. Single or dual 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 2.5”, 3” or 4” diameter collars are available as standard options. Custom diameters are available upon request.

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Passive Activated Carbon Filter Modules

For odor control, odor removal, odor reduction applications, we offer passive carbon filter modules.

Capture-PF400-PF800Our PF800S-CM (carbon module) contains approximately 120 pounds of chemical odor filter media (activated carbon). We can also offer custom blends to fit your needs. The PF800S-CM comes standard with a 6″ diameter hose collar.

Feel free to contact us for help with your product selection. You can call us anywhere from North America toll free, 1-800-626-0664. You may also contact us using the contact form below.