Air Quality In Your Office, Work Environment

Indoor Air Quality In Your Office, Work Environment | How to Improve It

Indoor air pollution affects worker health, well-being and overall productivity.
You spend your days toiling away on keyboards, on the phone, preparing for meetings, presentations and projects. The office and home have become synonymous workplace environments for a variety of professionals. What is it that you have in common with most people who work in an office?
Aside from the sigh of relief and waited anticipation for Friday to roll around – actually, most office workers or those who work from home are regularly exposed to poor indoor air.

In a 2012 study on office IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and workers’ blood, scientists found concentrations of toxins in office air that were 3-5 times higher than those reported in previous studies of household air, “suggesting that offices may represent a unique and important exposure environment.”

HEPA + Activated Carbon Chemical Filter

Compact portable system for people who suffer with Allergen super sensitivity
Ozone free system, with 99.97% sub micron dust removalcapture_bh400
Powerful backward inclined motorized impeller provides high room air changes
High efficiency motor with low amperage draw
Digital variable speed control allows for whisper quiet night time operation
Airflow: 700 CFM free air, Operating range: 60 – 500 CFM
Whisper quiet operation bedtime operation, 42 dBA at low speed
Audible and visual LED alarms provide feedback
Microprocessor AUTOFLOW feature speeds up fan automatically as filters get dirty to maintain airflow
Easy serviceability and filter changing
Ability to customize filter sequence to meet specific needs
Ability to customize filters for people suffering from a specific and/or unique Chemical sensitivity

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Negative Air Construction Renovation Dust Odor Air Filtration

Negative Air Construction Renovation Dust Odor Air Filtration, Air Cleaner, Air Purifier

These are units that not only are capable of re-circulating the indoor contaminated air but capable of being ducted, connected to a flexible hose to redirect the exhaust, filtered air outside the building or to an an exhaust duct.

For dust, airborne particulates, molds, mold spores and other airborne particle contaminants an air filtration system, air cleaner, air purifier, air scrubber unit with Pre-filters and Medical grade HEPA filter would be needed.

For applications where there’s odor, chemical fumes, chemical off-gassing such as where new paint have been applied, new carpeting, flooring installed (glue, off-gassing from the carpet, new tiles, etc) an air filtration system with a chemical gas filter or activated charcoal / activated carbon filtration would be essential.

Our BreathEasy PRO series fit the bill.

BreathEasy Pro Series

Pro Series air filtration system high dust chemical odor removal ducting recirculating capabilities compact portable

  • High dust and odor removal, filtration capabilities
  • Attractive, compact and portable
  • Extremely quiet, 56 dBA
  • Does not require ductwork eliminating installation costs
  • Ducting capabilities if needed
  • Unique, maintenance friendly design, filters can be changed in minutes
  • Filter flexibility allows for multi-purpose use – mix and match to suit and configure to your needs and application
    2” Pleated pre-filter
    6” High capacity filter
    12” High capacity filter
    2” HEPA filter
    6” HEPA filter
    12” HEPA filter
    2” Activated carbon filter
    12” Activated carbon filter
  • Digital controls
  • Audible and Visual alarms
  • Caster mounted
  • Fine dust particulate removal capabilities
  • Larger dust particulate removal capabilities
  • Light odor chemical gas control removal capabilities
  • Heavy odor chemical gas control removal capabilities
  • Plug and play
  • Dimensions:
    37” x 16” x 22”
    52” x 16” x 22”
    71” x 24” 26”
  • BP-600 series for up to approx. 350-400 sq.ft.(<36m2 )
    BP-1000 series for up to approx. 500-600 sq.ft .(<56m2 )
    BP-2000 series for up to approx. 1000-1200 sq.ft. .(<111m2 )

 Recommended Model / Filter Configuration:
| Fine Particulate Control | Large Particles Control | Light Odor Control Capabilities | Heavy Odor Control Capabilities |

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