High Dust and Heavy Chemical Odor Removal Air Filtration Systems

BreathEasy BP PRO Series Commercial, Industrial Grade Air Filtration System | HEPA + CHEMICAL FILTRATION

For spaces up to 1200 square feet (based on up to 10 foot high ceiling), we have a BP PRO series air filtration for you. Whether you need to reduce the airborne dust particulates in your indoor air, or reduce the offensive and harmful odors in your work environment (from chemical fumes, chemical off-gassing, fragrances, strong food odors, etc), or both airborne particulates and odors – we have an air filtration configuration that’s right for your needs.

  • High dust and odor removal, filtration capabilities | Attractive, compact and portable | Extremely quiet, 56 dBA


    BP2000 Series Air Filtration System

  • Does not require ductwork eliminating installation costs
  • Ducting capabilities if needed
  • Unique, maintenance friendly design, filters can be changed in minutes
  • Filter flexibility allows for multi-purpose use – mix and match to suit and configure to your needs and application
  • 2” Pleated pre-filter
    6” High capacity filter
    12” High capacity filter
    2” HEPA filter
    6” HEPA filter
    12” HEPA filter
  • 2” Activated carbon filter
    12” Activated carbon filter
    UV Light (Ultra-Violet “U” Bulb)
  • Digital controls
  • Audible and Visual alarms
  • Caster mounted
  • Available in 110V and 240V

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BP PRO Series Air Filtration Systems | Healthcare Facilities | Labs | Hospitals

BP PRO Series Air Filtration Systems | Healthcare Facilities | Labs | Hospitals

BP PRO Series Air Filtration Systems | Healthcare Facilities | Labs | Hospitals

Designed to handle high concentrations of chemicals, gases, odors, particles and biological contaminants, the BP Air Purifiers deliver superior air quality for healthcare facilities.

The BP Air Purifiers are available as standalone units (standard configuration) for general air purification.

For virtually any application that requires removal of chemicals, vapors and particles directly at the source, a vast selection of flexible or articulated arms, hoods and ducting accessories capture any contaminants before they spread into the environment.

in less than 15 minutes and transform a room into an emergency negative pressure isolation environment

Highly efficient air purification system that can be deployed in less than 15 minutes and transform a room into an emergency negative pressure isolation environment. [Download MedicAir PDF Brochure]

MedicAir – Portable Isolation Room Purifier


  • Thousands of units successfully deployed worldwide
  • Convert ordinary Patient Rooms into Isolation Rooms in minutes
  • Microprocessor ensures minimum airflow to maintain negative room pressure as
    per CDC Standards
  • Automatically compensates motor speed for dirty filters
  • Instantaneously adjusts airflow to maintain required room pressure settings
  • LaserBlue Double Gel Filter Seal guarantees zero filter bypass
  • Comes with HEPA filters, germicidal UV lights, decontamination ports
  • Alarms when room pressure not achieved (door open)
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Dimensions: H x W x D
    45.5 x 22.25 x 14.25 (in), 175 lbs
    116 x 57 x 36 (cm), 80 kg
  • Airflow (nominal):
    560 CFM (264 liters/s);
  • Pre-filter: multi-layered, 30% efficient
  • HEPA filter:
    (2) Gel-sealed Cartridge Filters, remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 micron
    Filter seal: LaserBlue Gel
  • UV Light: (4) Germicidal UV Bulbs
  • Power: 120V, 60Hz, 4A / 230V, 50Hz, 2A
  • Sound level: < 54dbA at low speed
  • Cabinet: Heavy gauge welded steel
  • Download MedicAir PDF Spec Sheet

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BreathEasy PRO BP600 series Air Filtration Negative Positive Air Ready

BreathEasy PRO BP600 series Air Filtration Negative Positive Air Ready

The BP600 is a very versatile air cleaner, air purifier, air filtration system

The BP600 air purifier can successfully remove airborne particle as well as gaseous, odorous, chemical contaminants using a versatile four (4) stage filtration system.

Interchangeable HEPA filter, Pleated pre-filters and chemical filters allow the unit to be easily re-configured on-site for particle or chemical filtration, or both.

Small footprint, space saving design, negative / positive air ready, ducting capabilities, source capture, and more makes this a good choice for smaller commercial, industrial spaces.

Check it out – http://www.airpurifiers-r-us.com/breatheasy_pro.html

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BP2000, BP1000, BP600 Air Filtration System, Positive Negative Pressure Environments

BP2000, BP1000, BP600 Air Filtration System, Positive Negative Pressure Environments

BreathEasy Pro Series – Industrial Grade Air Purifier, Air Filtration Systems for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

  • Effective solution to wide range of airborne chemicals and odors: exhaust gases, paints, lacquers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials and furnishings, office equipment, glues, adhesives, disinfectants, and many more.

  • Reduce gas phase contaminants to below OSHA’s TLV levels.

  • Built to meet the regulations for ventilation rates for spaces up to 1200 square feet, the BP2000 is equipped with a high quality
    blower motor which guarantee a very high volumetric flow rate.

  • Highly customizable, capable to eliminate a huge variety of pollutants.

  • By using various combinations of filters and 26 different chemical filtration media, the BP2000 is the air filtration system of choice against high concentrations of aldehydes, alcohols, acids, VOCs, fluorinated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alkenes and alkanes, acetates and many other chemical groups.

  • Specifications:
    Dimensions: 71″H x 24″W x 26″D, 350 lbs
    Airflow (CFM): 1000 nominal, adjustable intake grills
    HEPA filter: 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 micron; available in certain configuration
    Chemical filter: up to 200 lbs; 26 blends available
    UV Light: Available in certain configurations
    Power: 120V, 60 Hz, 4A (240V available)
    Sound levels: < 54dbA at low speed
    Cabinet: Heavy guage welded steel
    Options: high air flow configurations; collars for ducting

 Recommended Model / Filter Configuration:
| Fine Particulate Control | Large Particles Control | Light Odor Control Capabilities | Heavy Odor Control Capabilities |

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School Construction Renovation Dust Odor Air Scrubber Filtration System

Should there be a need to perform some construction, renovation, repairs in your school, office, medical clinic, hospital, etc in the course of a regular work week, and work needs to be done while your staff, employees, patients, students, etc are present in the premises – a good approach is to isolate the work area, keep the dust and odor from spreading to the adjoining spaces, by using negative air filtration systems equipped with particulate pre-filters, medical grade true HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter.The BreathEasy PRO series would be up to the tasks of providing for you a clean air solution.

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