Mortuary, Formaldehyde, Air Filtration System

BP PRO Series air filtration systems for Mortuary, Formaldehyde Gases, Fumes

So we received a recent inquiry:

It is morning of 5th September 2019 at 9.06 as I write this. We wish to
procure two units of Pro Series air filtration units for our mortuary at
University of Nairobi, Chiromo Campus. Can you quote for us. Do you have an
agent/distributor in Kenya to offer maintenance.

Procurement Officer, CBPS

It turns out, their main concern is formaldehyde gas or fumes.

Our BP PRO Series air filtration system, specifically the BP2000 and BP1000 series, can be configured with two 12″ stages of chemical gas, odor filtrationcapture-bp2000-features

Our BP PRO Series air filtration system, specifically the BP2000 and BP1000 series, can be configured with two 12″ stages of chemical gas, odor filtration, with the appropriate customized chemical media blends for optimum adsorption of formaldehyde.

No maintenance is required, other than changing filters every so often

One question that usually comes up is the maintenance of our air purifiers in the field. The ease of maintenance and repair (if ever needed) is built in the design of our units, as we ship them all over the world. There is no serviceable component in our units, i.e. control panel, blower / motor. They are easily replaced with just a screw driver as the only tool needed. These components are modular, easily replaced, and yes, just with the use of a screw driver tool.

What blend to use with the optimum adsorption of Formaldehyde gases, fumes

After consultation with our technical team, it was recommended to go with these chemical blends with the air filtration units, for the optimum adsorption of formaldehyde gases, fumes: one (1) stage with our NC-GPC, and one (1) stage NC-PPA (pink pellets).

If you have a need for an air filtration system, air purifier or air scrubber (whichever way you want to call them) for your mortuary, pathology lab, and similar situations or applications, to reduce / remove chemical odors, strong, offensive odors, formaldehyde gases, fumes, etc., contact us for help with your product selection.

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Our air filtration systems are portable, have casters for mobility, prudently priced, affordable, won’t break your bank account. 🙂 These units are well engineered, well designed, superbly fabricated and built with TLC.

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