High demand for our BP1000-IF isolation room, infection control air filtration unit

For healthcare facilities, isolation rooms and infection control areas

CLEAN AIR is the key factor in creating a safe environment for patients and staff
The hospital and healthcare environments require high quality air management solutions to protect patients and staff against infections and occupational diseases.
Our units offer complete air purification solutions against airborne microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores), gaseous contaminants, chemicals and odors.

emergency negative pressure environment

When an emergency situation arises, there is no time to waste. Working closely with healthcare professionals allowed us to understand their strict requirements and design a highly efficient air purification system that can be deployed in less than 15 minutes and transform a room into an emergency negative pressure environment.



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Small footprint and negative/positive air ready BH1012 air filtration system

Small footprint and negative/positive air ready


audible and visual alarms, “Autoflow” feature*
* As debris starts accumulating in the filters, the air flow thourgh
the unit decreases. The “Autoflow” feature increases the motor speed automatically to increase air flow.

Powerful, compact and very portable, the BH1012 air purifier is the tool of
choice for localized filtration.

With a small footprint and negative/positive air ready BH1012 offers superior air quality for small indoor areas up to 50m3 (1766 ft3).


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