MedicAir – in less than 15 minutes, transform a room into an emergency negative pressure isolation environment

less than 15 minutes transform a room into an emergency negative pressure isolation environment – yes you can!

MedicAir – in less than 15 minutes, transform a room into an emergency negative pressure isolation environment

Yeah right?!

Yes you can, with the MedicAir Air Purifier, Air Filtration System!!

Yes you can – convert ordinary Patient Rooms into Isolation Rooms in minutes.

Yes it can – smart digital technology – it’s Microprocessor ensures minimum airflow to maintain negative room pressure as per CDC Standards – yes it does.

What? The MedicAir can automatically compensate the motor speed when the filters are dirty?! Yes it can! Yes it would! 🙂 (y)

The MedicAir is smart. How smart is it you ask?? It’s smart that it can instantaneously adjust the airflow to maintain required room pressure settings. That’s smart!

And what about them decontamination ports- what are they? Hmmmm, interesting…..

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Medical Grade Air Purifiers for Hospitals, Labs and Healthcare Clinics

Better AIR QUALITY for patients and staff

The hospital and healthcare environments require high quality air management solutions to protect patients and staff against infections and occupational diseases.

Working closely with healthcare professionals allowed us to understand their strict requirements and design highly efficient air purification systems to provide safer and healthier working environments.
Our units offer complete air purification solutions against airborne microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores), gaseous contaminants, chemicals and odors.

Recirculation unit: Continuously recirculating the ambient room air through a multi-stage filtration system, removing airborne contaminants every time the air passes through the unit.

Positive air unit: The air purification units pump clean air into the environment maintaining a higher air pressure (positive) and limiting the flow of contaminated air into the room. (Ideal for patients with sensitive or compromised immune systems)

Negative air unit: The units create a low pressure environment by filtering the contaminated air and venting it out of the room, preventing the spreading of contaminants from the room. (Ideal for patients with contagious diseases)

Source capture: The units equipped with source capture options filter contaminants at their point of origin, capturing the contaminants before they disperse in the environment.

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