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Ceiling Suspended, Ceiling Mount, Wall Mount, Space Saving Air Filtration Systems, Air Cleaners with Dust and Odor Removal Capabilities

Free up valuable, premium floor space.
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Ozone free system, with 99.97% sub micron dust removal
Compact, lightweight, versatile, multi-purpose portable air scrubbers, air filtration systems for advanced protection against dust, fine dust particulates, and chemical pollutants (chemical fumes, gases, odors). Highly efficient air filtration systems, air scrubbers designed to help remove dangerous, health threatening airborne contaminants, reduce the health risks in the workplace as well as protect sensitive equipment.

We offer you our BreathEasy BHH Series Home, Office, and Small Commercial Spaces air filtration systems. Filter configurations for dust, high dust, light odor, or heavy odor removal capabilities.

We also have the larger ContractAir Series as pictured below.

Some of the applications:

  • Workshop Ventilation
  • Paint, solvent fumes, welding gases, dust and ultra-fine particulates from sandblasting, milling and woodworking
  • Garage Ventilation
  • Dust, engine exhaust, diesel particulate matter, fuel storage, chemicals, VOCs
  • Essential for fire stations, ambulance bays, loading docks, toll stations, municipal garages, interior parking lots
  • Construction, Renovation, Remediation, Demolition
  • Drywall cutting, sanding, concrete cutting, finishing, asbestos removal, lead removal, mold remediation and abatement, floor sanding, floor staining, thermal spray insulation
ContractAir Portable Scrubber

Construction – Renovation – Asbestos – Mold Remediation

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Bad Odor Air Filtration- Fish Market- Cigar Store- Restaurant Cooking

Your office, business, downtown condo, etc is located in an area where you are exposed to bad odors from businesses in your vicinity, i.e.- seafood store, fish market, print shop, restaurant, cigar store, parking lot, repair shop, gas station, auto repair shop, etc. – and you want relief, you want to reduce the flow of these unwelcome bad odors, chemical fumes, chemical odors into your home, office, business.

We have industrial grade, commercial grade air filtration systems equipped with chemical gas filter, activated charcoal filter to help provide relief.

Meet our BreathEasy Pro Series – Industrial Grade Air Purifier, Air Filtration Systems for Commercial and Industrial Spaces

Heavy odor control air filtration – Filter configuration

Pro Series air filtration system high dust chemical odor removal ducting recirculating capabilities compact portable

  • High dust and odor removal, filtration capabilities
  • Attractive, compact and portable
  • Extremely quiet, 56 dBA
  • Does not require ductwork eliminating installation costs
  • Ducting capabilities if needed
  • Unique, maintenance friendly design, filters can be changed in minutes
  • Filter flexibility allows for multi-purpose use – mix and match to suit and configure to your needs and application (see below)
  • UV Light (Ultra-Violet “U” Bulb) Upgrade / Option
  • Digital controls
  • Audible and Visual alarms
  • Caster mounted
  • Fine dust particulate removal capabilities
  • Larger dust particulate removal capabilities
  • Light odor chemical gas control removal capabilities
  • Heavy odor chemical gas control removal capabilities
  • Plug and play
  • Comes in three (3) sizes. Dimensions: 1) 37” x 16” x 22”  2) 52” x 16” x 22” 3) 71” x 24” 26”
  • BP-600 series for up to approx. 350-400 sq.ft.(<36m2 )
    BP-1000 series for up to approx. 500-600 sq.ft .(<56m2 )
    BP-2000 series for up to approx. 1000-1200 sq.ft. .(<111m2 )
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