Indoor Air Quality In The Home and Workplace: Fine Particulates and Chemical Gases, VOCs

The challenge these days for many of us who are affected or have an adverse reaction to the indoor air quality at home and / or at work (allergies, chemical sensitivities, etc.) could be caused not only by the presence of fine airborne particle irritants (dust, pollen, molds, spores, etc) but also could be exacerbated by the presence of airborne chemical gases, fumes, odors, fragrances off-gassed by various items in the premises (new furniture, cabinetry, carpeting, rugs, cologne / perfumes, cleaning products, electrical equipment like photocopier, ink jet printer, laser printer, etc.).

Our BreathEasy series for home, office, and small commercial spaces can help provide relief from these problems.

We use a multi-stage filtration approach in dealing with these kind of situations.

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air cleaner, air filtration for odor removal, odor control

In many cases an air cleaner, air purifier, air filtration system or sometimes what is called an air scrubber equipped with a chemical gas filter, usually activated carbon / activated charcoal (in other cases special impregnated, mixed blend of the activated carbon media) can help provide relief, and reduce your exposure to undesirable odors, chemical fumes and gases that could be an irritant as well as can be harmful to your health during long exposure to such an environment.

We offer air filtration systems to are configured with air filter combinations to address odor, chemical fumes, chemical gas, VOCs, fragrance and other related problems. Again, these are units with activated carbon, activated charcoal filtration.

Yes, you can literally breathe easy, breathe cleaner air, at home, in the workplace, in the office, wherever that may be, with the help of our BreatheEasy line of air purifiers, cleaners, air filtration systems.

BreathEasy Pro Series

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BreathEasy Home and Office Series

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BreathEasy Central Series

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fragrance, chemical, odor sensitivity in the home and office

Fragrance, chemical, odor sensitivity in the home and office can be reduced, alleviated with the help of an air filtration system, air purifier, air cleaner with a chemical gas filter / activated carbon filter.


HEPA filters and traditional ventilation filters only remove particulate matter and therefore some other means must be employed to treat and remove gases, odors and vapors.  A commonly used and readily available product to achieve this goal is activated carbon.

Activated carbon can come in many shapes, sizes and forms.  Traditionally raw substrate materials such as coal, wood, peat-moss and coconut shell are thermally processed to produce an air filter quality activated carbon.  A Virgin non-impregnated activated carbon is useful in the removal of general volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) or hydrocarbons.  It’s uses are widespread, and are frequently applied as a general purpose catch all material for non-critical applications.

For more specific and critical gas phase control, activated carbons can also be impregnated with specialty chemicals.  This is done to enhance the removal efficiency and capacity for a specific contaminant that is not effectively captured by the virgin non-impregnated activated carbon.  Common impregnates include phosphoric acid, sodium and potassium hydroxide. iodine, potassium permanganate and sulfur to name a few.

It is extremely important to realize that there are thousands of different types of carbons available on the market and the appropriate carbon must be selected for the specific application.  That is to say that if you have purchased a “BLACK” carbon it is not necessarily what you need.  For the novice, making media selections is often the most difficult aspect of the gas-phase filtration design process.  Please feel free to contact us and use our in-house chemical engineers to evaluate your needs for your specific application.

Home and Office Series Air Filtration System Hepa and Activated Carbon Chemical Filter – available in ceiling suspended – free hanging – wall mount configuration (horizontal, “landscape” orientation).

  • Free up valuable, premium floor space without paying a premium price – add only $100 to the price of the vertical, upright, floor unit – | Fine Particulate Control | Odor Control Capablities |
  • Compact free hanging – suspended – wall mounted system for people who suffer with Allergen super sensitivity
  • Ozone free system, with 99.97% sub micron dust removal
  • Powerful backward inclined motorized impeller provides high room air changes
  • High efficiency motor with low amperage draw
  • Digital variable speed control allows for whisper quiet night time operation
  • Airflow: 700 CFM free air, Operating range: 60 – 500 CFM
  • Whisper quiet operation bedtime operation, 42 dBA at low speed
  • Audible and visual LED alarms provide feedback
  • Microprocessor AUTOFLOW feature speeds up fan automatically as filters get dirty to maintain airflow
  • Easy serviceability and filter changing
  • Ability to customize filter sequence to meet specific needs
  • Ability to customize filters for people suffering from a specific and/or unique Chemical sensitivity
  • Dimensions:
    H x W x L
    23” x 13” x 16”
    29” x 13” x 16”
  • Filters available to mix and match according to your needs:
    1” pleated pre-filter
    1” Carbon filter
    2” HEPA – Activated Carbon combo filter
    2” Activated Carbon filter
    2” Pleated pre-filter
    2” HEPA filter
    4” High Capacity Pre-filter
    4” Activated Carbon filter
    6” High Capacity Filter
    6” HEPA Filter, metal frame
  • Fine dust particulate control capabilities
  • Odor control capabilities
  • Plug and play
  • 5 Year Fan warranty (parts and labor)
  • UL, CSA (US and Canada), CE certified

Recommended Model / Filter Configuration: | Fine Particulate Control | Odor Control Capablities |