Ease of Maintenance is built-in in the design

Yes, our Quatro Air Technologies BP PRO Series air filtration systems are easy to capture-refillable-filtersmaintain. Made here in Canada, we have shipped them and are being used in places, businesses and institutions around the world.

What if something fails, you may asked?

Product maintenance is easy and simple; filter changes are effected easily and only take very little time as in less than a minute or two.

Maintenance of filters as well as the unit does not require a highly skilled and trained technician, as a matter of fact, any repair, if and when required, only needs the use of a screw driver tool.

Replacement parts and replacement filters are readily available, most, if not all, are stocked items.

Call us, toll free in North America, 1-800-626-0664, for help with your product selection or for your replacement filter needs. You may also reach out to us from outside North America by calling 1-514-364-5538, Skype: lito.espinosa, or filling out the contact form below.

Indoor Air Quality In The Home and Workplace: Fine Particulates and Chemical Gases, VOCs

The challenge these days for many of us who are affected or have an adverse reaction to the indoor air quality at home and / or at work (allergies, chemical sensitivities, etc.) could be caused not only by the presence of fine airborne particle irritants (dust, pollen, molds, spores, etc) but also could be exacerbated by the presence of airborne chemical gases, fumes, odors, fragrances off-gassed by various items in the premises (new furniture, cabinetry, carpeting, rugs, cologne / perfumes, cleaning products, electrical equipment like photocopier, ink jet printer, laser printer, etc.).

Our BreathEasy series for home, office, and small commercial spaces can help provide relief from these problems.

We use a multi-stage filtration approach in dealing with these kind of situations.

Contact us for help in choosing the right air purification product for your needs. Call us toll free, 1-800-626-0664 or fill out and send us the contact form below. We will get back to you promptly.

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BreathEasy Home and Office Series Ceiling Suspended Free Hanging Wall Mount Configuration

Compact portable system for people who suffer with Allergen super sensitivity

Compact portable system for people who suffer with Allergen super sensitivity

Just a reminder – would like to direct you to a previous post – this is concerning freeing up or lack of valuable real estate or floor space for a much needed air filtration system to control, reduce, filter, clean the indoor air – dust, odor, chemical gas, fumes, etc.

Home and Office Series Air Filtration System Hepa and Activated Carbon Chemical Filter – available in ceiling suspended – free hanging – wall mount configuration (horizontal, “landscape” orientation).

Yes, yes, we do have a variety of filter configurations for our ceiling suspended, hanging from ceiling, wall mount, shelf mount air filtration system: dust particle control capabilities, fine dust control capabilities, light odor control capabilities, heavy odor control capabilities.

Check it out.

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Allerair Electrocorp Quatro Air Replacement Spare Filters

2" Activated Carbon- Chemical gas filter

2″ Activated Carbon- Chemical gas filter

We can help you with your replacement filters / spare filters for your air scrubbers, air filtration systems, air cleaners, air purifiers with the following makes, brand:

Replacement Filters such as:

Contact us at 1-800-626-0664 or fill out the form below.

SPH-Mini Series Fume Odor Dust Extractor Air Filtration System

Sort of a “mini me” of the SolderPure – small but packed with suction, air pulling power as well as odor or dust filtration capabilities.

Priced ay under $900.00 USD, the SPH-Mini boasts of a high speed turbine motor that generates very good suction power, a maximum airflow of 141 CFM with a maximum static pressure capability of 90″ w.c.

The SPH-Mini can be configured with a set of filters for odor control or dust control capabilities.

The SPH-Mini can be used for a wide variety of dust, odor, fume extraction applications: nail salons, hobbyists, soldering fumes, field service support (cleaning and maintenance of all sorts of electronic / electrical equipment), etc.

Features / Specs:

  1. Heavy gauge welded steel construction
  2. Powder coated standard Quatro white
  3. Standard inlet 1.5″, optional 3″
  4. Discharge grills located underneath the system
  5. Maximum airflow 141 CFM
  6. Maximum static pressure capability 90″ w.c.
  7. Whisper quiet operation 56dBA
  8. One (1) CSA/UL approved 1100 Watt brush type blower
  9. Available in 120V and 230V
  10. Blower is complete with thermal cut-offs
  11. 6′ electrical cord set
  12. Analog control panel
    manual on/off switch
    speed control
    circuit breaker
  13. Standard disposable box filter for soldering / odor applications / applications requiring odor filter:
    multi-layered inlet filter pad
    99.97% on .3 microns certified medical grade HEPA filter
    deep bed general purpose chemical media
  14. For dust only collection application:
    pre-filter bag
    spunbond polyester cartridge Merv 11
    BIA rating 99.93% on dust particles .2 – 2 microns in size
  15. Easy tool less filter change out
  16. 6′ of heavy duty industrial hose
  17. Limited one (1) year warranty
  18. Dimensions: 9″ x 9″ x 19″ High
  19. Approximate operating weight is 28 lbs

Check out our web page: http://www.airpurifiers-r-us.com/sph_mini_fume_extraction.html

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