Light Duty Source Capture Flex Arm Dust Odor Fumes Air Filtration System

Light Duty Source Capture Flex Arm Dust Odor Fumes Air Filtration System

Capture SOLDER SMOKE, ODOR, & FUMES at source, before they migrate throughout the room

Meet SolderPure

Don’t let the name fool you. It’s not just for soldering application. It’s a light duty fume extractor, extraction system: that’s fumes, odors, dust particles as well.

Available filters:

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Engraving, Milling & Cutting Chip Extraction Systems

If you need help in choosing the right engraving, milling, cutting, chip particulate, dust extractor system for your business, hobby or workshop- please contact us, we’ll be happy to assist you.

Unlike laser systems where the burning action must be considered, the main concern with rotary engraving systems is dealing with particulate matter.

Quatro engraving extraction systems are small, quiet and are designed with superior suction capabilities to overcome the small hosing and vacuum chip foot assemblies that are attached to the engraving head.

We also have the very popular self-cleaning iVac series of dust collectors for milling operations or any other operation that produces large amounts of fine dust. Continue reading

Laser Fume Extractor for ACI Epilog GCC Gravograph Bosslaser Rofin Universal

Laser fume extractor for ACI, Bosslaser, Epilog, GCC, Gravograph, Rofin, Technifor, Trotec, Trumpf, Universal, Videojet, Xenetech

Just as a follow up to our previous post we have a fume extractor model for a number of popular brand laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting systems.

List of supported lasers engravers, laser marking, laser cutting systems

We are proud to introduce a new breakthrough technology. We call it the LASER BLUE GEL. This sleek blue design is nothing like the regular gasket you may find in other filtration units on the market. Due to it’s elasticity, it allows zero bypass to any fumes, odors and VOCs. It’s NON toxic and NON porous as well.

We want you to have the best Laser Fume Extractor System that is best suited for your laser marking, cutting, engraving machine – one that will help you and your people breathe easier, cleaner air.

These Laser Fume Chemical Gas Odor Dust Extractors will help you and your employees, reduce your exposure to chemical fumes, chemical odors, dust, smoke and other airborne contaminants.

Here’s our complete line of well designed, well engineered, well made laser fume extractors – click here.

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Desktop Tabletop Containment Air Filtration System Dust, Odor air filtration

Desktop Containment Unit – minus the enclosure

  • Reduce Odor, Chemical Fumes, and Dust Particulate Matter in your immediate area
  • Small footprint friendly – tabletop, desktop, workstation
  • Capture chemical fumes, odor, dust close to the source
  • Pre-filter, 2″ Medical grade HEPA filter, 2″ Activated charcoal / carbon (chemical gas / odor filter)
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • Air Filtration Unit ONLY dimension: : 14″ x 20″ x 12″ (D x W x H)