Air Filtration for Odor Removal Laboratory PVC Pressing Heating Machine

Air Filtration for Odor Removal Laboratory PVC Pressing Heating Machine

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Good Morning,

I am interested in the BreathEasy Pro-600 series for use in a laboratory to remove odor and fumes generated by a machine that is heating and pressing PVC.

Which filter options do you recommend for this application?

How many working hours do you expect these filters to last for various conditions?

Can you send me technical information on the product such as the amperage draw and the power output of the motor, as well as the flow rate of the model?

In addition, can you send me a quote for the BP-600 and the filters you recommend, as well as a quote for replacement filters?

Thank you,

Michael S

Good morning Mr. S,

The BP600 / AF600 (as well as the other BP PRO series, BP1000 / AF1000, BP2000 / AF2000) are stand alone recirculating systems that have ducting capabilities should you want to use them as a source capture unit.

Understand that a recirculating unit, unlike a source capture unit, will work, but not immediately. The odors need to get to the unit for the unit to remove them. The larger the system (or number of multiple units), the higher the number of the air changes per hour and the quicker this happens in cleaning the air of particulates and odor.

  • High dust and odor removal, filtration capabilities
  • Attractive, compact and portable
  • Extremely quiet, 56 dBA
  • Does not require ductwork eliminating installation costs
  • Ducting capabilities if needed
  • Unique, maintenance friendly design, filters can be changed in minutes
  • Filter flexibility allows for multi-purpose use – mix and match to suit and configure to your needs and application (see below)
  • UV Light (Ultra-Violet “U” Bulb) Upgrade / Option
  • Digital controls
  • Audible and Visual alarms
  • Caster mounted
  • Fine dust particulate removal capabilities
  • Larger dust particulate removal capabilities
  • Light odor chemical gas control removal capabilities
  • Heavy odor chemical gas control removal capabilities
  • Plug and play

BP-600  series for up to approx. 350-400 sq.ft.(<36m2 ) ceiling height 8 – 10 ft
BP-1000 series for up to approx. 500-600 sq.ft .(<56m2 ) ceiling height 8 – 10 ft
BP-2000 series for up to approx. 1000-1200 sq.ft. .(<111m2 ) ceiling height 8 – 10 ft


For filter life each application is completely different.It depends on the materials you are working with, and how often you are creating particulate.  For instance in Laser applications the depth you are cutting / engraving, the laser wattage, the type of material you are working with are all factors. Typical applications have the pre-filter being changed approximately every 1-3 months, HEPA filter 6-12 months, chemical filter 6-12 months.  This is just a guide as some end users last much longer and some also consume the filters much quicker.

Contact us for help in choosing the right air filtration solution for your needs.


Epilog Zing 16 Laser Fume Extractor Air Filtration System

Epilog Zing 16 Laser Fume Extractor Air Filtration System

SPH400 series is what’s recommended to be used with the Zing 16 –

The Quatro Air SPH400 is a very good fume, odor, extractor, air filtration system, air cleaner – it has very good air drawing, air pulling, capability and capacity, extracting from close to the source, owing to its high speed motor that could stand up to 90″ WC static pressure.

It even comes, as an option, with a dual air intake collar for a couple of flex hose or articulating hoses to attach to them. Great in a scenario where there are two application table along side each other – the SPH400 can be positioned in between the two tables – one (1) fume extractor air filtration system doing the work for two tables or stations.

The SPH400 comes with an impressive list of features.

Protect and care for the health and well being of your staff as well as your customer by reducing their exposure to these harmful to health chemical fumes and gases.

  • Designed to fit into an application where direct capture from the source is possible
  • The SPH uses high power blower motors to pull the air through  3 stages of filtration consisting of a pre-filter for large particulate, a certified HEPA filter to capture 99.97% of all particulate greater than 0.3 micron and a chemical filter with up to 40 lbs. (18kg) of odour and VOC treatment
  • LaserBlue Gel seal guarantees NO BYPASS
  • This unit is available in brushed and brushless versions
  • This unit has many options and can be customized for OEM applications
  • We offer single or dual inlet lids with multiple diameter inlets as well as extended lids with either top or bottom intakes for customers using these units under tables. In total we have 18 different lids, ask us about your application


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