Emergency Hospital Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms

Pressure Gradient Control System (PGCS) For Emergency Hospital Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms

Works with the Quatro Air Technologies MedicAir Series.

Microprocessor ensures minimum airflow to maintain negative room pressure as per CDC Standards.

Sensitive Monitoring Equipment For Sensitive Applications.

* Digital display
* monitors pressure in room
* Audible and visual alarms
* Easy to program and install
* Optional controls to alarm or modulate airflow
* Optional tamper proof key lock
* Optional RS-485 communications capability


Range: -0.20000 to +0.20000 inches H2O Resolution: 5% of reading
Accuracy: ±10% of reading ±0.00001 inches H2O Display Update: 0.5 seconds
Low Alarm Range: -0.19500 to 0.19500 inches H2O
High Alarm Range: -0.19500 to 0.19500 inches H2O
Analog Output: 0 to 10 VDC or 4 to 20 mA
Operating Temperature Range: 32 to 120 degrees F
Input Power: 24 VAC, 5 watts max
Display Weight: 0.7 lb
Sensor Temperature Compensated Range: 55 to 95 degrees F Sensor Weight: 0.2 lb

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