Multi-Station, 4, 6, 8, 10 Soldering Station Fume Extractor Air Filtration System

Multi-Station, 4, 6, 8, 10 Soldering Station Fume Extractor Air Filtration System

Lately we have received inquiries for multi-station soldering fume, odor, extractor and air filtration system – for desktop, tabletop hand soldering operation.

Our SPH-400 series and our SPH-800 series are up to the challenge – they are, as a matter of fact designed, to meet those needs.

First, let’s talk about filtration capabilities and filter configuration.

SPH-400 series

SPH-800 series

  • Capture solder smoke & fumes at source using small diameter tip extraction
  • Ideal for up to 20 soldering irons
  • High pressure system is economical
  • Whisper quiet ( 52 dba )
  • Compact installation requiring no bulky and expensive ductwork
  • Filters easily accessed and changed in less then 1 minute ( no tools required )
  • Powder coated durable welded cabinet
  • Recirculating purified air reduces heating and air conditioning cost
  • LaserBlue Gel seal guarantees NO BYPASS
  • This unit is available in brushed and brushless versions with up to 560cfm.
  • This unit has many options and can be customized for OEM applications
  • Source capture arms available: Option 1, Option 2
  • Optional digital i-series control panel – highly recommended

SPH-800 10 Soldering Station Set Up (example only – your layout may be different from this – we ask that you provide us with a drawing or sketch of your desired layout should you want us to supply you with the piping, connections, hoses, and capture arms)

SPH-426, 8 Soldering Station Set Up (example from an actual work site)

Contact us for help in choosing the right soldering fume extraction air filtration system for your needs.

Call toll free 1-800-626-0664, outside of North America call +1-514-421-0658 or fill out the contact form below.

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