Air Filtration Odor Removal Plastic Injection Molding Follow Up

Follow up to a previous post entitled “Air Filtration Odor Removal Plastic Injection Molding“, we’ve come to a recommendation of going with the BP2002 with two (2) chemical gas filter media stages.

We would include a hose collar to hook up with , we recommend, a 10″ flex hose – hose would be $20.00 / foot. The price of the BP2002 air filtration / air scrubber system is only $4046.00 USD (with the 10” diameter hose collar on the air intake side).

The BreathEasy BP2002 comes with two dust particulate filter stages: Pre-filter and Post filter. It also is configured with the two (2) stages of chemical gas filter (refillable canister housing for economy) for chemical fumes, gases, odor removal capabilities.

BP2000 General Specifications (2002)

The BP2000 is an upflow air filtration system

The system is equipped with a German designed motorized impeller  and a variable speed drive to allow airflows ranging between  300-1000 CFM  depending on the filter sequence. The blower section is equipped with a 1” thick acoustic liner allowing for +/- 50 DBa at 5 feet from the unit

The system casing is fabricated from 16 gauge satin coat welded steel painted with a two coat Polyurethane mat finish. Colour is computer beige.

The systems are mounted on industrial grade casters to allow for system portability.

The system is pre-wired to the system control panel with a standard 115 volt 7 foot long cordset to plug into any standard 115 volt outlet. Simply plug and play.
BP2002 General SpecsThe following items are included:

  • Item 1:  Aluminum double deflection supply grill
  • Item 2:  German made motorized impeller 115/1/60, 0.45 KW,  2.2 Amps
  • Item 3:  2” pleated disposable after filter (part # F001)
  • Item 4:  2 x 12″ Activated carbon filter (F003-GPC)
  • Item 5:  2 x 12″ Activated carbon filter (F003-GPC)
  • Item 6:  2” pleated disposable pre filter (part # F001)
  • Item 7:  Fixed aluminum return air grill
  • Item 8:  115volt/1/60 electric cordset
  • Item 9:  Control panel including on/off switch , fuses and variable speed adjustment
  • Filters and blower section are both accessed via a bolted  hinged door located on the front of the system
  • Overall Dimensions: 23 5/8” x  25 1/2“ x 71” High
  • Overall weight c/w filters: 360 lbs


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