Laser Engraving Cutting Marking Fume Extraction System


Laser and Laser Marking – CSA-600 – Heavy Duty Dust & Odor Removal

Laser engravers, laser cutting, laser marking machines – very popular equipment and tool nowadays, but you have to admit, they do produce some nasty stuff – smoke, chemical fumes, gases, dust, odor. Your neighbors won’t like it, the people who work from you want to be protected from inhaling the toxic stuff. 😉

We have some great fume extraction system / air filtration system to choose from – relief from fumes, smoke, dust, chemical odors, you name it.

Laser and Laser Marking

Quatro Air has been the OEM supplier of choice for numerous manufacturers of laser engravers and cutters. Working closely with the manufacturers has allowed them to constantly improve their products and custom design the next generation of air filtration for the laser cutting, marking and engraving industry. They have been supplying units to the industry for the past eight years and are now on their fourth generation of product with innovations such as our zero bypass Laser Blue Gel. Manufacturers and customers have done extensive testing when comparing Quatro Air units to their competitors and time and time again we hear that Quatro Air Fume Extraction System / Air Filtration Systems are more powerful and quieter. We are confident that no other manufacturer of air purification systems can provide such industry proven technology that can compete with Quatro Air.

Effective fume extraction is critical to laser systems due to the possibility of toxic, carcinogenic corrosive or extremely odorous contaminants that can be generated.  All of our systems feature multi-stage filtration incorporating a 2” Pre-filter section, 2” Certified HEPA filter and activated carbon modules. We offer systems for light-medium duty tabletop systems favored by hobbyists everywhere as well as mid-heavy duty cycle units for larger tables and/or significant particle accumulation. New this year is our SPH-400 pre-filter section which will turn our popular SPH-400 system into a true heavy duty dust collector.

List of supported lasers

Quatro’s proud to introduce their new breakthrough technology, and we are happy and proud to be part of their team. They call it the LASER BLUE GEL. This sleek blue design is nothing like the regular gasket you may find in other filtration units on the market. Due to it’s elasticity, it allows zero bypass to any fumes, odors and VOCs. It’s NON toxic and NON porous as well.

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