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Isolation Rooms

Subsequent to helping contain the SARS outbreak in Canada and China in 2004, Quatro began working closely with the Canadian and Quebec Government Department of Health, in conjunction with CDC Guidelines, to develop a more specific system to address this type of emergency. The main scope of the project was quite clear: to design a system that allows any facility to convert ordinary patient rooms into isolation environments in minutes. Secondary goals included automatic control of negative room pressure, complete & guaranteed sealing to ensure zero by-pass around filters, portability, noise levels below 54 dBA and the ease of installation of system/HEPA cartridge filters. Each of these goals was treated as a separate project with various groups focusing on a specific task to create a hospital friendly system. Beta tests were conducted in hospital environments to receive feedback from microbiologists, facilities engineers, politicians, design engineers, building and hospital planners and, especially, nurses who will be working closely to deploy and maintain these systems.

The Medical Industry

Whether your needs are Patient Isolation, General Purification, Particulate/Odor Source Capture, or Dust Collection, a QUATRO environmental air purifier will make a noticeable difference. QUATRO has designed a wide range of units geared towards the medical profession. Targeting a host of harmful germs, viruses, bacteria, micro-organisms, chemicals and odors, QUATRO’s medical grade HEPA filters, highly adsorbent gas-phase chemical filters and/or germicidal UV lights work collectively to provide a truly hygienic environment.

Given the H1N1 virus currently on everyone’s mind it is no surprise to see hand sanitizer everywhere; at schools, the office and many public places.

With the SARS outbreak of 2003 hundreds of the  Quatro Air “Medic-Air” series sold around the world and have  been selling ever since to health care facilities in preparedness for the next airborne virus.  As with the hand sanitizer; it only makes sense to be prepared to contain the next pandemic.

With true medically certified HEPA filters and UVGI lights to kill bacteria the Medic-Air series will help ensure your patients’ health and safety as well as your healthcare facility staff.  We have units geared for waiting rooms, clinics, isolation rooms etc. Talk to one of our specialists today to determine which Medic-Air unit best suits your needs.

(Examination room, Waiting room, IVF In Vitro Fertility Lab VOCs)


Positive-Negative Pressure Environments
Odor and/or Debris Capture
Micro-Environmental Filtration

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