Chemical Fumes Gas Offgassing Odor Air Filtration

Teary eyes, scratchy throat, shortness of breath, coughing and other symptoms of physical, physiological discomfort could be, I say again, could be (could be other things too), just saying, that there could be chemical fumes, gas, odor irritants in your indoor air – be it at home, office, or workplace.

Have you installed new flooring, carpeting, new furniture, new cabinetry, shelving, new coat of fresh paint to brighten up the place, etc?? These new improvements, upgrades could be off-gassing chemical fumes, chemical gases into your indoor air and could be, and I say again, could be, possibly, be recirculated through your HVAC system or just simply permeating the indoor space.

Air filtration systems, air cleaners, air purifiers, or sometimes referred to as air scrubbers with an activated charcoal, activated carbon, chemical gas filter can help provide relief as well as reduce your exposure to the off-gassing of chemicals.

We can help.

Yes, you can literally breathe easy, breathe cleaner air, at home, in the workplace, in the office, wherever that may be, with the help of our BreatheEasy line of air purifiers, cleaners, air filtration systems.

BreathEasy Pro Series

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BreathEasy Home and Office Series

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BreathEasy Central Series

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