BreathEasy Series Multi-Purpose Air Filtration Systems

Introducing the BreathEasy Series
Multi-Purpose Air Filtration Systems

Large dust particle, fine dust particulate, chemical, odor, removal, HEPA  filter, Activated carbon, chemical filters, portable, stand alone

Yes, you can literally breathe easy, breathe cleaner air, at home, in the workplace, in the office, wherever that may be, with the help of our BreatheEasy line of air purifiers, cleaners, air filtration systems.

BreathEasy Pro Series

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BreathEasy Home and Office Series

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BreathEasy Central Series

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  Very carefully “thought-of” design, well engineered and high quality craftmanship.
  Large dust, fine dust, chemical, odor filtration using, in concert, a combination of large particle pre-filters, True HEPA, and Activated Carbon filtration.


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